Suzy uses Liquid Stainless Steel to repaint her vintage Nutone bathroom scale — it looks great!

Good news: Suzy’s midcentury house included a bathroom with a Nutone recessed fold-down bathroom scale. Bad news: It was all pitted and icky from exposure to moisture and who know what else over the years. Happy ending: Suzy used Liquid Stainless Steel to repaint the piece, inside and out — and it looks great! 

I often get questions out how to clean up pitted and rusty chrome. I am not an expert on minor, topical repairs to freshen up chrome, but I think some readers — and Kate — have been successful with some of the products out there.

Re-chroming — real-deal rechroming — is super expensive, I’ve been told.

And to further complicate, I tend to think: Not many bathroom hardware back in the day was stainless steel — chrome finishes were the go-to.

All said… for some products … like a Nutone built-in bathroom scale, which *may* have come in stainless steel originally, or which is so large that it really needs its nice finish, I think that this liquid stainless steel might be a great solution.

Susy used LSS Liquid Stainless Steel:

Thanks, Suzy, for letting me show your photos! The revitalized scale looks great!

  1. Vic says:

    The blog Southern Hospitality (southernhospitalityblog.com) has a sponsored post this morning about painting a refrigerator with this product, with pictures at all steps of the process.

  2. Shambie says:

    You learn something new every day! Living so close to the ocean, all metal gets pitted, rusty, etc., stainless or not. I’m going to have to play with this stuff — could be a game changer!

  3. Dennis says:

    That looks GREAT, thank you for sharing your success!

    By the way, one way to clean up chrome, other than using a good chrome polish, is to use 0000 steel wool. It won’t scratch and will remove a surprising amount of the dirt/light pitting/etc. that it often has. This is an old auto cleaning/detailing trick I’ve been using for years.

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