Libby’s — or should we say “Ethel’s” — remuddled 1953 bathroom gets a facelift

Libby calls her house Ethel. Ethel is 65 and has had some … work … over the years. Libby and her husband are helping get her back into fighting 1953 shape. Starting with the bathroom, which got new tile, which made quite a nice difference. >>

midcentury bathroom remodel afterLibby writes:

Hi Pam, 

I am working on a mini-renovation for our mid-century modest house, Ethel. It is her 65th birthday this year, and my husband and I have slowly but surely been updating her.

We have, at long last, finished our bathroom project (Ethel’s birthday bathroom excitement!)
Pam notes: Libby confirms the faucets are Union Brass, purchased at Locke Plumbing. You can also get them on Amazon (check all Union Brass listings for a variety of options):

starscape shower doorStarscape shower doors

We love our Starscape shower doors … 

Pam interjects: Reader this Sterling “Starscape” shower door (affiliate link) is a longtime favorite here on the blog, you can get it for both a bathtub- and complete-shower installation from places like Amazon, Home Depot, and Menards: 

Back to Libby’s story…Daltile aqua glow tile

We love our… new Daltile Aqua Glow and black shower tile <3 

framed vintage magainze ads framed vintage magazine ads framed vintage magazine ads framed magazine ads in a bathroom
All of these improvements make our darling 1953 mid century modest house even more dreamy than before! We love Ethel!
basketweave tile
Tile from Virginia Tile — here’s a proxy: 

dog photo bomb bathroom

Thank you for all of your work with this blog. ALL of my projects involve looking at retrorenovation first for ideas and information! I love your blog so much! Thanks for being amazing!

Libby (on the prairie)

Why, thank you, Libby! You and your remodeling and your adorable husband and pup and bathroom — are amazing too!

Thank you for sharing and helping us to get the week off on an awesome start!

  1. Pam Kueber says:

    “Remuddle” is a term I know going back to the 1990s, when I first started with old houses. Instead of “remodeling” it’s “remuddling” — meaning, making a mess of things. I saw it used related to historic structures — taking something aesthetically whole and … again, making a mess of it with changes inconsistent with its underlying architectural integrity.

  2. Pam Kueber says:

    Sounds wonderful and note: We also like the 1970s here, including in particular: avocado green. We like all eras, if they are done well!

  3. Lynn says:

    It looks amazing! I love that Starscape door too. We need a new door but Starscape won’t fit our weird opening. ?

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