Best bottlebrush trees for putz houses and other Christmas crafting

best bottlebrush christmas treesI needed to buy miniature bottlebrush Christmas trees in bulk for an upcoming project involving our putz houses. So, I shopped around Amazon and ended up buying three different options to test and report on. Note: I have Prime, and all shipping was free for these particular orders. Which set did I prefer?:

The Efvis 37-piece set of bottlebrush trees for $12.99 — so nicely packaged, with minimal smushing.

Here’s my test >>

To enlarge the photo, wait for the page to load, then click on the photo to enlarge on screen, hit the “back” button to return to the story:

So that’s Retro Renovation playing the role of Consumer Reports for a day! Other amazon research / finds for miniature projects:

Go Kitschmas Krafty Krazee!:

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  1. Julie says:

    Don you have any sources for miniature wreaths? I’m having trouble finding ones small enough for these little houses.

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      The ones I see online on Amazon don’t look very exciting, but you can try: https://amzn.to/2T8xz3K

      Here’s a satisfying way I found to make my own:

      1) Start with tinsel garland — I used vintage, it has to be ‘sewn’ down the middle
      2) Start trimming along the sew lines so that the whole thing becomes thin enough to transform into a wreath
      3) Cut to size, then use a glue gun to secure into a wreath shape
      4) I repeated this, slightly larger profile, and put another layer underneath for fullness
      5) Find three little beads or round whatevers and glue them on the front

        1. Pam Kueber says:

          Oh, and as you can see, I used the cut-off pieces of the tinsel garland on the roof — my homage to dreaded pine needles.

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      Yes. Me too. So easily obsessed and this year, it’s putz houses! I just dropped $69.99 at Michaels on floral sprays to cut apart, a few floral picks, and 21 tea lights. Even with all my coupons, still $70!

      1. Phyllis says:

        LOL…Adding: this is a good time of year to hit TJ Maxx and Homegoods, JoAnn etc for tall bottle brush trees in sizes from 10- 20 inches. These sell out pretty quickly but are available every year. I’ve seen them in all colors both decorated and plain. I found two last week at my local TJ Maxx for $9.99 each.

  2. Palm Springs Stephan says:

    Why are these called “putz” houses? Did I miss something along the way? Putz is a Yiddish word with a vulgar meaning that has nothing to do with houses….

      1. Tarquin says:

        Putz means plaster in Getman. Putzen is to clean/decorate. It is a German word that has morphed and scattered over the years. In this case, it is Movarian. The Movarian people create the story of Jesus’ birth on a platform. This is called a putz. At Christmas time, they would go putzing around their neighborhood checking out other putz creations. This is still a big tradition with the Movarians in Bethlehem, Pennslyvania.

    1. Amber says:

      In retrospect, I think this is why we never called these putz’ houses in my family, and why I never heard it until much later. We all knew the yiddish word putz so these were just ‘christmas villages’ and ‘christmas miniatures’.

  3. Tarquin says:

    I think the Kuuqa looks best. They have just the right amount of snow sprinkled on them and I think in photos they would look the most realistic. Can’t wait to see your new putz houses when they are finished.

      1. Tarquin says:

        It’s difficult to buy things online based on a photo. You saved a lot of readers time by doing a test like this one. If you had the time, you could set up a website teaching people how to create miniature homes and landscapes. I would read that everyday.

      2. Joan S. says:

        Miss Pam, they are probably all made at the same factory in China and then purchased in super bulk by various distributors, who have their own quality checking or not! Thank you for your homework.

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