putz house patternI held a putz-house making party at my house last night, more info to come, it was So Much Fun! Meanwhile, as I gather my full report I wanted to share a tip: These miniature snowballs that I found at Joann Fabrics. Cute as a button and perfect for putz houses! Above: Doris used the tiny snowballs in the front yard and on and roof. 

putz houseAnd above: Sylwia used them in the front yard and on the trees. I love how they add dimensionality, which I think is a word that I just made up, stands for dimension+personality. 

miniature snowballs
If you “need” a reason to shop shop shop, plan a putz-making party for next year and use this time period now to buy up all sorts of itsy bitsy things to have your friends, family or coworkers use to make their putz houses.

I had six friends over — we all made Kate’s ranch house #1 — the putz house that started it all! Everyone had The Best Time, and all six of their houses turned out great. It’s amazing how different one little midcentury modern putz house can look, once you change up the paint and trim and landscaping. Hey, kind of like Levittown — which started with one house design, built house after house after house, but then, owners started individualizing them so they no longer looked cookie cutter. 

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  1. denise says:

    Sounds like a fun time — this is when I need to live closer! 🙂
    I would especially like to see the end results and how unique each one was.

  2. Barbara says:

    I had a putz DIY party 2 weeks ago. 18 friends, family and neighbors attended.
    I will do many…more of these party get togethers in the future.
    Thanks Katie!!

    1. Neva Warnock says:

      I’d be interested in tips for throwing a putz-house-making party – sounds like exactly my cup of tea!

  3. Tarquin says:

    Not only did you have a party with your friends, but think of all the snowball fights your putz people will now have.

  4. WK says:

    Pam ,
    Speaking of Vintage Campers —have you seen the Target Vintage ” canned ham ” campers on eBay?
    For the past two Christmases Target has sold them for $19
    They are going for $100 plus this year
    ( Target’s version this year is a Teardrop camper .They picked up on the nostalgia factor this year and have four sizes / versions of sntiwue campers . Mercury tree ornament set, plastique ornament , and two tabletop sizes
    WK Watts

  5. WK says:

    Pam ,
    I was just in Target looking at the Christmas baking section
    They had some Wilton items to decorate gingerbread houses with that would look nice with your Putz houses
    Santa with a sled meant to go on a house , doors and windows and one pkg of decorative candy canes to go on the gingerbread / Putz houses
    WK Watts

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      Oh, thanks for this tip, I’ll check it out! We have a small Target where I live, though, so they might not have these. Hmmm…. I”ll also look online. Thanks!

  6. Carolyn says:

    OK, I’ll be the one to say it – could NOT for the life of me figure out why you needed mass quantities of bottle brush trees. It all comes clear now. And what a unique get-together idea.
    Wanna bet those snowballs aren’t made on purpose but are scrap they couldn’t use in the Styrofoam packaging process? At some Lean meeting, someone noted how much the company was losing on loose beads and a gal piped up and said “hey, let’s package them loose as snow!”

  7. Lisa Compo says:

    Turned out super cute. The construction party sounds very fun.

    I bought a metal camper (looks enough like my dream Airstream) at a cheap-O discount store and have been decorating that with little goodies also. Going to set up the whole campsite Christmas scene. Trying to get DH to build a model 1970s woody station wagon to go with it. 😉

    I think you said it best the other day when you mentioned that 2018 is peaking with the retro goods. It’s amazing how much is out right now with a very nostalgic look. So much cute stuff…so few flat surfaces to put it all. Hahaha

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