As far as I know, there still are not many places to find barkcloth fabric to fashion into curtains (with a few matchy-matchy throw pillows, of course). Every few years, Cloud9 Fabrics comes out with some new designs and indeed, the company has eight new designs of midcentury-modern style barkcloth designs arriving in stores next week. 

The collection is “Homestyle” by Eloise Renouf. Cloud9’s marketing department responded to my request for photos in a flash (nicely done, Lindsay!) and included the designer’s take:

Homestyle is a playful and abstract take on the shapes and patterns found in and around the home; from fallen leaves and stepping stones outside, to blinds, lampshades and decorative objects inside. Contemporary in style, yet with a midcentury flavour; and with an easy-to-love but strong colour palette….

The collection is shipping this week and should be in stores next week. 

A more detailed link to information about the entire collection will be live on Cloud9’s website next week, once the collection in stores. Check the sites Where to Buy page for a local or online retailer.

My advice: If you are in the market and want to consider these, (1) get your samples stat, then, (2) if you’re ready to make a commitment, snap up the yardage you need, because (3) these fabrics get discontinued. 

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  1. Ecfinn says:

    These are neat. I wish someone would reproduce that popular one of the deer stags leaping in a forest. It’s so coveted, even a scrap piece goes for hundreds on eBay.

  2. Pam Kueber says:

    You need to check with the manufacturer to determine specifications. Fun-google for the day: wyzenbeek test

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