Wonderful brick flooring in Paula’s 1953 house + oh happy kitchen, too

real clay brick flooringWhen I did that story asking whether Marie should keep the real clay brick flooring in her kitchen, reader Paula chimed in and said she loved the original brick floors in the living room of her 1953 house. I ask yippee can we see — and she graciously sent a photo along. Nice indeed! And oh, that wood ceiling is pretty awesome, too! Paula also sent photos of her adorable, original kitchen. >>

Paula’s brick floors are salvage, with local provenance. She explained:

Loved your post on brick floors. We have a 1953 house, all original everything. The living room in the picture is real road brick from a nearby street in Orlando, and we love it!

She also sent in photos of her kitchen:

We love our vintage 1953 house, this is our kitchen. 

double drainboard sink vintage
From this story on 16 vintage Kohler drainboard sinks

My favorite part of her original kitchen: The double drainboard, double basin, enameled porcelain sink complete with hudee ring. *My dream.* See a vintage Kohler photo at the right, or see it even larger (along with 15 other vintage Kohler sinks) in this story from a few years ago.

Note, I’m also digging the backsplash tiles in Paula’s kitchen — they appear to be 1″x 2″ mosaics run vertically. I cannot see from these photos, but I bet there’s some gold veining in there.

retro kitchen remodelIn order to get that light, airy, sunny feeling, Paula has kept her color palette narrow — white cabinets, light-medium blue walls, table and chairs, and a dash of red here and there for pizzazz. 

blue white retro kitchen It’s such a happy space! Nicely done, Donna!

love the house youre in

Proof yet again, how wonderful it is to Love the House You’re In!


  1. Ed Howey says:

    Love the brick floor here. It looks like it’s been sealed the old way with boiled linseed oil, which can be a tough job every few years. Fortunately, there are water-based sealers that last for 15 years now. Has made our job of selling reclaimed brick flooring much easier!

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