53 designs of 1930s wallpaper now available from Bradbury and Bradbury

1930s wallpaperNeed vintage wallpaper to match the era of your house? With its introduction late last week of 53 reproduction wallpaper designs from the 1930s, Bradbury & Bradbury Art Wallpapers now has every era — from Victorian to the 1960s — covered. Bradbury explains the 1930s look:

The 1930s were known for both floral and abstract geometric styles — the whimsical and the bizarre — and many with a bit of Art Deco flair. 

Let’s take a look >>

1930s wallpaperMy favorites are the sort of illustrative, handpainted-look florals layered over geometric backdrops, like #132 (above) and #144 (shown in the photo at the top of the story). 

1930s vintage wallpaper

#138 (above) is quite lovely too — that soft peachy pink field color is divine!

vintage wallpaper 1930s

Faux bois with flower pots in #114!

1930s wallpaper reproduction

Super cheery #151.

1930s wallpaper gnomes novelty

Gnomes! Who doesn’t need a 1930s house with gnomes making a surprise appearance! #135.

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  1. WK says:

    So I am not alone in fussing about the prevalence of four shades of grey when you go to choose a new car color ?
    WHY oh Why do so many people want a grey / gray World ?
    Even the ” happy ” colors in the stores have a touch of grey added .
    Let’s go back to the days of a ” Pink Cadillac”
    ( I tried to paint my old truck pink and the closest Macco could come was Fuschia

  2. Sandra says:

    There is more wallpaper on TV and in movies than in real life, because the camera, set designers, directors of photography, and production designers love the way it keeps the walls from looking flat (on a flat screen), in addition to adding character to a set.

    No reason we can’t do the same at home!

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