Colored kitchen sink in 25 colors, deck mount faucet design

colored kitchen sink in a pretty pink from whyte and companyHere’s a great new colored kitchen sink just added Whyte & Company’s already expansive lineup: A two bowl kitchen sink with a drop-in design that accommodates a deck mounted kitchen faucet. Drop-in sinks are the way to go if you have a laminate counter. You can get this kitchen sink in 25 colors — including retro shades of pink, jadeite, yellow, and more. The sink has been christened “Harry.” 

2020 update: This company’s website is no longer functional. As such, I am discontinuing all links. For now, I will leave this story up for historical reference.

Added to their line of kitchen, bathroom, bar and laundry sinks in up to 30 colors

I first wrote about Whyte & Company’s expansive line of colorful kitchen sinks and bathroom sinks in up to 30 colors a few months ago. At the time, I bemoaned the lack of a drop-in kitchen sink that allowed for a faucet to be mounted right on the back deck. But, the company’s owner told us she was working on it and showed us a prototype. Now, voila, we have it! Thanks to reader Brenny for tipping me that this was now available!

colored kitchen sink in pantone color of the year coral
Hey, they even offer this sink in Pantone’s 2019 color of the year — coral!
colored kitchen sink in a jadeite or mint green from whyte and company
They call this color “Silver Sage” but it has a jadeite green look to me.

Colored kitchen sinks like this, made new or vintage, can be hard to find!

According to the company, this kitchen sink is 33″ x 22″ x 9″. It is “constructed of Whytestone, a durable stone composite that contains high quality pigment throughout the product.” And, it is hand-made in the U.S.

Their marketing description recognizes the opportunity to suit homeowners doing a kitchen remodel with a retro or mid century flair:

The Harry retro drop in kitchen sink makes a statement on whatever counter to put him on. Whether you need a great sink to put in over old school Formica or you are rocking quartz or marble, he adds the perfect pop of color!

colored kitchen sink in yellow from whyte and company
They call this color “vanilla bean” but I’ll call it a happy 1950s yellow.

Finding a colored kitchen sink like this — a drop-in sink designed to hold a deck-mounted faucet, that you can install on top of Formica or Wilsonart or another laminate — is very difficult. I’m stretching to think if anyone else makes a sink like this new… and finding a vintage colored kitchen sink in decent shape also is likely going to be difficult. 

This new design is a great addition to the list of options for kitchen sinks for Retro Renovators! Nicely done, Whyte & Company!

More info on Whyte and Company’s colored kitchen sink line:

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  1. Diana Lucas says:

    Hi, do you have the kitchen vanilla bean double drop in sink on sale? Can we cover 2 holes and only have 1 hole? Thank you

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      Hi Diana, I don’t sell anything. Refer to the companies profiled in the stories — the blue text = hotlinks to their sites

  2. SheilaMay says:

    I had a beautiful double sink in red in my old house – loved it and so did all my friends.

  3. Katharine Carroll says:

    Pretty in pink! That’s the shade of pink I can love! Looks happy & refreshing! The green is gorgeous & vanilla bean is yummy! It’s about time we have choices like these. I would have to find ways to get each color in my home. Scrumptious!

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