Retro fiberglass patio umbrellas — 5 designs including starbursts!

custom patio umbrellasSunny weather is on my mind — so stories like this, about unique, fun-derful retro patio umbrellas available today are tickling my fancy. Yes, STM Industries based in Tampa, Florida, makes five different styles of fiberglass patio umbrellas — including a delighful starburst umbrella — that look like they came right out of the 1950s or 1960s. I spoke this week to owner Leland Holland, who told me about the company. Thanks to reader Erin for this tip!

retro patio umbrellas

Fiberglass patio umbrellas made by STM Industries

During our conversation, Holland told me that the first of the five umbrellas — the starburst — was designed around 1993 for Checker Restaurants. Over the years, four more designs were added. Holland was not the original owner of STM Industries — he purchased the company in 2013. 

mid century patio umbrellas

His favorite design is The Wave (shown above.) The umbrellas are all made in-house. They come in 6′ or 8′ widths, and as you can see, they can be made in many colors. They also have a variety of accessories related to the umbrellas, and they make cafe tables too.

custom patio umbrellaHolland says that while most of his sales are to commercial customers such as restaurants and schools, the company also sells to individual customers. Contact them for a quote. 

stm industries fiberglass umbrellas

Holland also owns a second company, Holland Fiberglass & Restoration. The STM website says that Holland Fiberglass manufactures:

  • laboratory counters with integral sinks
  • theme park flume ride boats
  • motor boats and sailboats
  • architectural columns and corbels
  • water weirs and skimmers
  • car parts
  • other custom items

Very cool! All photos courtesy STM Industries — thank you, Leland!

Repeating — where to find these fiberglass umbrellas:

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  1. linoleummy says:

    The Sundrella is iconic, a reminder of family vacations where the road trip stopped for the night at a motel with a swimming pool. (Aaah, the luxury!) But at a 10th the price these STM’s are close enough. The Starburst ones are pretty cool and might be in the plan when I can get my patios squared away.

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      But… I don’t think these STMs are a 10th the price. I think they’re priced similarly…

  2. Lisanne Freese says:

    Love the turquoise one but off-season storage space (lack thereof) is a major problem at our tiny bi-level.

  3. EA says:

    I love these . Did he give you any idea of cost for an individual purchase Pam?
    Regarding outdoor furnishings —I bought a Seahorse birdbath at an auction on Friday . They had some wild MCM furnishings but I was unprepared to take them home as they left them out of the auction catalog. One set was a gold-leaf multiple light floor lamp with the lamps in the shape of Tulip bulbs . There was a matching ceiling light . Rats ! MCM folks need to be good Boy Scouts -always prepared!

  4. carolyn says:

    If you put a dot in the center of the red one, you’d have a poppy made by The American Legion Auxilliary.

  5. Robin, WA says:

    I love stories like this! Great to hear about an American company continuing to make classic designs.

  6. Ms. Vel-Vida says:

    These are really cool. I think I’ve seen the wave version before in red, which is my favorite. Starburst is also really fun. Between these and the Sundrella 701, I wish I had a huge patio with enough room for one of each model they offer.

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