Mid century modern bathroom and kitchen tile — 10 new designs in all — from Make It Mid Century

mid century modern tileIt’s really quite amazing: What’s new is making what’s old possible again. That is: Modern technology continues to give entrepreneurs ways to revive vintage style products — in smaller runs, for niche markets or on-demand. Among the latest such retro-innovation: Make it Midcentury has introduced a new line of mid century modern inspired wall tiles — 10 decorative designs in all — made possible with special printing technology. 

starburst tile

Susan Halla, owner of Make it Midcentury, explains the printing process that makes her designs possible::

Our manufacturer uses the dye sublimation process for our tiles. That means we can get the brightest colors available and crisp, clear images. Dye sublimation is a printing process where the image is printed on special paper and then heated under pressure which melds the image to a coating on the tile blanks. Our tile blanks are Daltile brand blanks – a great blank from a reputable manufacturer means an outstanding final product.

10 designs of mid century decorative tile

atomic tile

mid century modern kitchen design ideasAbove: Susan show us how one of her new tile designs can be coordinated with a SparkleLam™ color + another manufacturer’s stock field tiles + a stock flooring. 

glitter laminate for sale today

As you will recall, Susan also is the innovator behind re-created glitter laminate, SparkleLam™. Remember that time she came to my house to see all my glitter laminate samples and talk glitter laminate so she could maybe tweak her designs a bit more? That was sure some fun! That said, I was just a wee detail in her big story: Susan sure seems to be working hard to create a nice line of custom products you can’t get anywhere else. (She now has SparkleLam™ in 16 colors.)

Yikes, Make It Midcentury keeps 864 samples of field color tiles — both semi-gloss and matte finishes — on hand to help get matchy matchy, if that’s what you need.

mid century tiles

On her site, Susan has narrowed down her “order now” options the most popular colors. So don’t worry, you don’t really need to decide from 432 colors. 

mid century modern tile

These decorative tiles are relatively spendy, given their bespoke nature, so it’s likely most buyers will use them as accent pieces.

For each of her stock colors, Susan shows major makers’ stock colors to coordinate. For example, scroll down the Starburst page to see her match picks.

On her website, Susan also mocks up ideas how to use her tiles as accent pieces — what a practical and customer-friendly feature. Above: Spirograph peppered in a pleasing, orderly fashion on a mock bathroom wall.

Nom nom, nicely done, Susan aka Ms. Make It Mid Century!

See all 10 designs:

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  1. Susan Halla says:

    That IS a great idea! I looked into Spoonflower a while back but it was early on and I wasn’t quite ready to embark on that avenue. Thanks for reminding me – I’m on it!

  2. Linda Diane StClair says:

    I would love to have about 20 of the pink and white tile with the black starburst in the middle. But I don’t see any way to order any.

  3. pam kueber says:

    Hi Linda, Make It Midcentury’s website is hotlinked in the story — look for the blue underlined text.

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