Glitter laminate — v2 of SparkleLam — with more sparkle — plus a new light aqua — and 27 colors possible, in all

After Susan Halla of Make It Midcentury introduced her SparkeLam glitter laminate, I expressed concern to her that the ‘glitter’ showing on top of the laminate was not glittering enough. Long story, short: She actually came to visit me, and after a few hours of comparing her new design with a bunch of vintage glitter laminates in my personal collection and talking about possible options, she has created another, more sparkly v.2 of her SparkleLam product. I like it much better — and would certainly consider it as an awesome option if I had a kitchen or bathroom project under way.

Long story, a little longer:

Susan actually didn’t come all the way from St. Louis to the Berkshires just to see me. She had the opportunity to be in the area for other reasons, so we made plans to get together for a few hours. Over the years I have lots of glitter laminate samples, from a variety of manufacturers, and some salvaged glitter countertops, too. She had all her test samples. We brought all of this research into one place:

That one place being: my dining room table.

We compared old and new in a variety of lights.

We inspected for both sparkletensity (I claim authorship of that word!) and also looked at the field color (the underlying background color) of the paper. The white field specifically, as that is my main interest — that’s the mainstream paper that would solve for many problems in our RR world.

We discussed manufacturing processes and how they might be affecting the sparkleation (authorship claimed). We went for lunch. And, we took action photos.

Then, Susan went home with several new ideas to test. A few weeks later, she followed up with me with new samples for me to view — I liked ’em. Then, last week, she sent me an official mailing with new samples. Looks like everyone who ordered v.1. samples also got the v.2. update in the mail. Nice customer service, Susan!

The key changes made to the SparkeLam glitter laminate:

  • There is a new glitter product — “inclusion chips” — used. When laminated, these inclusions do not get “lost” underneath the melamine topcoat integral to creating laminate for countertops. In the samples I viewed, there was plenty of sparkle sparkling, glitter glittering on top.
  • When we met, I also expressed concern about the tone of the original white laminate — I thought it had too much blue in it. In v.2., Susan changed it, and I like it better — it looks more like the vintage originals, which had more yellow going on. Susan explains: “The white samples are now made using a slightly softer white color with a tinge more of a warm background than the ultra-white background we had in version one of the laminate. That too has been positively received.”
New light aqua makes four stock colors.

Another color added:

  • In this round, Susan also added a fourth color, a light aqua, based on customer feedback.
  • So that’s four colors in all — white, pink, aqua, and light aqua. 

But get this, Susan says she can offer up to 27 colors:

We do have the ability to create laminates in even more colors, but we have not tested any other colors yet.  Our paper line has 27 different colors possible for our laminate (see attached).  We can make custom laminate in one of the colors from our line of papers that have yet to be tested, but it requires more lead time*, and a setup charge for running an initial test sample.  As we have time, we may add more of the paper colors into our permanent line as well.  (*Our standard lead time is 3-5 weeks.)

And she provides more info on ordering:

We still have the min/max requirement of a 4’x12’ sheet of laminate, but if two or more parties wish to go in on a sheet together, we can have the sheet cut and shipped to different locations for a fee.  We can also ship to other locations outside of the United States, but we would have to estimate costs on a case-by-case basis, and it may end up being cost prohibitive.

As we continue to work on getting our full website up and running, laminate samples can be ordered by sending an email to susan@makeitmidcentury with your full name, shipping address and which color(s) you wish to order.  Samples are still $10 per colorway, refundable towards the purchase of a full sheet.  Once we get the request with full name and shipping address, we send out an online invoice that can be paid online, and we send out the samples via Priority Mail.  We are fairly well stocked at the moment on samples.

If you or are any of your readers have any more questions I haven’t addressed, or if there’s a color from our paper line that your readers MUST HAVE, we’d love to hear it.  Send any comments or questions to the email address above.

Nicely done, Susan! For more information and to order samples, head to Susan’s website:

  • MakeItMidcentury.com
  • See my original story about Susan’s glitter laminate and how it came to be, here.
  • See all my many stories about glitter laminate here.

  1. Donna Harp says:

    I am very interested in the Light Aqua w/Gold Sparkles
    Do you have any samples in this color?

    The other color that might work for me is white w/Gold
    Do you have any samples in this color?

    Any chance you have aqua sparkles to put into the white?

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      Hi Donna, I don’t sell this — the company Make It Midcentury does. You can get to their website via the hotlinks in this story, which are in blue. Good luck!

  2. Kim C says:

    Thanks for the work you’re doing, Susan! Now we just need a hero to tackle floors! It drives me nuts when I go to estate sales and see those great 40s linoleum in the basements of old homes. I get inspired to try (again) to find some good repro flooring to use in my 1930s home. Aaaaand… NOPE. How can there be so many options for shades of greige?? Such a bummer.

  3. DJ Sparkles says:

    Loving the aqua! Then again, I love anything sparkly! But to get it in black, with silver sparkles, oh my- that might be the perfect counter for my someday kitchen reno!

    And so much more exciting than (yawn) granite. 😉

    1. I have heard the desire for black from quite a number of people. That may have to be the next color we try. It may be tricky to get a true, deep black, but stay tuned!

  4. Nicole Oliveira says:

    Susan, you are the best!! So glad you came into our lives! Your catalog is amazing. These colors are awesome. I ended up doing my kitchen in more of Mad Men (New York Apartment) with the orange, avocado and blue colors. I made my cabinets with sliding doors like the 60’s…one orange and one blue. I can easily change these doors out. I would love do use your glitter laminate. I’m hoping you add some of the hard to find oranges, avocados, olives, harvest gold, 60’s colors to your collection!!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! We’re looking to add more colors to our standard line eventually – sometimes it’s a matter of being able to source the right paper for the job. Someday maybe we’ll have enough momentum to have our own papers made – but for now, we have to rely on another manufacturer for that.

      And I’m dying to see your Mad Men design with the avocado and orange and the sliding doors! I’m swooning….

  5. The new light-aqua sparkly is to die for! Beautiful color. I already have vintage Formica countertops (yellow “Skylark” with aqua boomerangs) but have got to figure out a use for this somewhere in my kitchen. Ideas??

  6. jivesnake says:

    My friend got the samples a month or so ago. I’m glad to hear the sparkle has been increased, but we were more concerned about the “feel” of the product itself. Felt thinner and more paper-y than Formica-y and we were both worried about the durability.

    1. It is a standard, industry-grade thickness – 0.040″ sanded back. We can also do 0.60″ which is the next step up – and we can do up to a 3/4″ thick product, too.

  7. Kena says:

    Susan is a freakin hero. Her catalog is everything!! ✨FINALLY glitter laminate!✨ And those door kits ????????????
    Q: How challenging is it for a clumsy trial-&-error style DIYer to cover an existing vanity w a sheet of laminate? Or better yet, how do I find a pro to do it for me?

  8. Steve says:

    I love the new pink sample-more like the Camellia Sequin by formica. I talked to susan and she said that the light pink was old stock pink paper. She said she’ll ask the paper mfr about the light pink paper. Interesting.

    1. Yes, unfortunately, their answer was that they didn’t have any old stock left of the slightly more peachy-pink paper. I was hoping that stuck in some corner somewhere of their warehouse was a roll or two, but no dice. I’m disappointed, too.

  9. Amypie says:

    I LOVE the pale aqua!!! I would also love pale yellow, I think both in one kitchen would be FAB, and I would use the yellow in my bathroom too.

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