Tailored bedspread good for a mid century bedroom — at a bargain price

tailored bedspread blairA tailored bedspread has always been one of my favorite options for a mid century bed without a footboard. Those clean square lines — yes! Going through some reader emails, I found this tip from reader Lynne — tailored bedspreads from blair.com at a can-you-believe-it bargain price of just $40  — even for a king-sized bedspread! There’s a somewhat narrow set of color options, but beige … goes with everything! There are matching shams, too. Lynne also wrote about some of the other old-fashioned products she spotted from this retailer:  

Lynne wrote:

Hi Pam. I got a Blair catalog in the mail today. I thought they had some of the simple necessities that are so hard to find. In the housewares, I found the sculptured bath rugs, including the one that wraps around the toilet, and matching seat covers. They had pink, lavender, blue, green, sand, and yellow. They also showed several chenille bedspreads in pastel colors…. Lastly, even kitchen-y cafe curtains in cute ruffly and checkered styles. All quite affordable prices…

Indeed, I quite like the look of some of these other products and will probably do some followup stories so that they show up in the correct categories for those who are on the hunt.

Also check out this story and this company — they have lots of fitted bedspread options.

Thanks, Lynne, for this great tip! I’m, ummm, not going to say how long ago this email actually came in except to say (1) it’s a testament to these blair.com products because they have been around quite a while, and (2) I need to check my spam folders more often.

  1. Ree says:

    I just went to the Blair website, and discovered that they have closed their home store for good – sob. The only items you can order are for men’s and women’s clothing. I was going to order one of the tailored bedspreads for my bed.

  2. Michelle says:

    The bedspread price is now $9.99 for any size; the shams are $4.99! I bought a set for each of our beds. Thanks for the great find!

      1. Judy Schmid says:

        Unfortunately, most colors are now unavailable (if you want matching shams…) My timing is terrible on this…

        1. Pam Kueber says:

          Yes, it looks like it was a close-out. I have a vague recollection that in the past, they left…. then came back.

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