A 64-year-old Geneva kitchen that looks like it was installed yesterday

vintage geneva steel kitchen cabinetsTime capsule eyed candy today: Reader Carol bought a 1956 house that came with a second kitchen that was barely used. The original Geneva steel kitchen cabinets were installed in an a catchy beige and yellow color combination. And, the cabinets include lots of extras. Let’s take a look!

geneva steel kitchen cabinetsCarol writes:

Hello, The house was built in 1956 and remains mostly unchanged. The house is quite large, and this kitchen is an extra that seems to have been very lightly used.

This is not my main kitchen. I try to split my usage between this kitchen and the main one upstairs. I think this downstairs kitchen was originally built for entertaining purposes as it is right next to a pretty fancy wet bar.

bread box in geneva kitchen cabinets

The Geneva metal cabinets came with several extras, not just the bread box you recently posted about, but also three canisters, a silverware divider, towel bar, and cup hangers.

vintage crane kitchen sink

This kitchen has a Crane sink and a super cool 1961 stove that works great. 

Oh my, what a wonderful kitchen, I thought, when I saw these photos come in. Like I said in the introduction — it’s really great to see this color combination in the wild!

As follow up, I asked Carol: Can you tell me and readers: What did you first think when you saw that downstairs kitchen?! 

1961 GE stove range

She replied:

This kitchen was one of the last things I saw during the house tour.

cup holders for kitchen wall cabinet

By then, I was so overwhelmed with the original features throughout the house, I could hardly believe this kitchen that seemed almost unused for 60+ years.

pull out appliance holder kitchen cabinetpull out appliance holder

Even today, I still can’t believe the cabinets, counters, and stove all look like they were put in yesterday!

kitchen cabinet towel holder

The house is everything I wanted but never thought I would be able to find, I spend an absurd amount of time thinking about the house/furniture, and I never forget how lucky I am when I walk through the door.

kitchen drawer silverware holder

Thank you, Carol, for sharing photos of your kitchen with all of us. HOW LUCKY your house is to have found YOU! It’s amazing to see kitchens of this quality, in this shape, still out there — and so wonderful that you are preserving it for a new generation!

  1. Guerin Honeycutt says:

    While examining that wonderful faucet, I noticed the tracks for the windows. A 1947 house here in Dallas (That just got torn down) had the same ones! These windows were manufactured by Andersen Windows, I just thought I’d chime in.

  2. Joe Bly says:

    Does anyone know what the name of color is on the stove? I have the 1961 GE Mark 27″ drop in version, with push-button controls in the wall. I know it came in pink, yellow, white, turquoise and this ..I call pudding brown..lol

    1. Karen says:

      My parents had similar (but not identical) bronzy brown appliances in the early/mid 60s, and I believe it was called coppertone. It was a really rich warm color ( I like it even better than the brown shown here), and they lasted forever…

      1. pam kueber says:

        Yes, I agree there were some really nice brown / copper / and even beige tones back in the day!

  3. lynda davis says:

    Wow! What a luxurious kitchen. I certainly never saw a kitchen that nice in the 50’s! The cabinet details are just amazing. I remember my parents had a very nice O’Keefe and Merrit range in the 50’s. It was quite beautiful and my mom was very proud of that range. Not sure where it went when a remodel was done and she got built-ins in the mid 60’s. I have a friend that finished her basement about 20 years ago. The kitchen has a Viking range and hood, a Sub
    Zero refrigerator, 2 sinks two Miele dishwashers and a warming drawer. Maybe someday a buyer will love her kitchen. She uses it for some entertaining.

  4. Kerri Stahl says:

    I need a bib because I am drooling. Imagine looking for a house to purchase and finding this.

    Does anyone else get a bittersweet feeling when you see these amazing bygone features in such pristine condition? I wonder what happened to the family(ies) that lived here. If the walls could talk…

    Thanks so much for sharing. The bread bin with the metal sliding cover brought back memories of our 1950s kitchen! We never used it for bread – I have no idea why.

  5. Tarquin says:

    Funny, this was a utilitarian kitchen for holidays & parties. It wasn’t designed to be SPECTACULAR! That took time. Like a fine wine it got better with age.

  6. Mary says:

    Sooo jealous! What a perfect find. It’s nice to have folks appreciate the things that make the older houses so great!!

  7. Mary Elizabeth says:

    What a wonderful find! I am with Amber. I think it is a summer kitchen. Here in New England many people built houses with an extra kitchen in the basement for several purposes. First, sometimes relatives and other guests stayed in the basement long enough to need their own kitchen. The builder of my 1959 ranch actually lived with his family in the basement until the rest of the house was finished and ready for occupancy. Second, a summer kitchen was used during canning season, usually late summer through fall. The heat from the cooking was more bearable in the cool basement. And third, in walk-out basements, those with access to a back yard, people would prepare meals for family suppers and large parties outdoors.

    1. Carol says:

      Homeowner here again. Yes, Mary Elizabeth, your points make sense! This house does have a walk-out basement and both this kitchen and the nearby wet bar are very close to the walk-out doors. The walk-out basement opens into a courtyard area enclosed by a brick wall.

      1. Leslie says:

        The house sounds absolutely amazing. Clearly, since you’ve got all that room and two kitchens, your next step should be to invite us all there to drool over it. : )

        1. Kathy says:

          I second that motion! Your second kitchen has all the bells and whistles and is twice the size of my vintage kitchen. Makes me wonder what cool stuff is in the rest of the house. I hope you can share sometime.

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