Is this pink bathroom tile or … a stylish (wallpaper) pretender?

wallpaper that looks like pink bathroom tileIs this midcentury pink bathroom tile…. or is it wallpaper? Well, you know I wouldn’t ask the question if these were “just” Mamie pink bathroom tiles. Yes: This is wallpaper made to look just like pink 4×4 tile, from Australian wallpaper company Milton & King. Have no fear if you’re in the U.S. and want it — they do most of their business here, they told me.
pink bathroom tile wallpaperThanks to Milton & King for permission to feature these images. I asked for the “back story,” and they kindly told me:

Hi Pam,

While we are an Australian company, the biggest portion of our customer base is currently in the USA. We find that American customers are much more into vintage and retro styling and are beginning to embrace wallpaper in general much like the British do. Australia hasn’t widely accepted wallpaper as a popular décor choice yet but the trend is expanding, especially with television series like The Block and House Rules where the wallpaper seems to often be the transformative star of the show. That being said, there is definitely a niche of people who love 1950’s and 60’s retro styling and the pink tiles that adorned many bathrooms and kitchens of the era. The wallpaper provides that aesthetic without costly and timely renovations.

I found this wallpaper when searching to help with a reader question. She had asked if I knew of any wall coverings for a bathroom that mimic tile. She wanted the look without the expense and effort of tile.

Hmmm. There is “paneling” that looks like tile here. Another idea: anaglypta, for its dimensional quality, but there are few midcentury-style patterns. Then I found this pink tile wallpaper! What fun: Save the Pink Bathrooms has come to wallpaper!

More info:

    1. pam kueber says:

      If I had a bathroom with plain walls top-to-bottom — such as a powder room — I’d for sure consider using this!

  1. Vintigchik says:

    Vintage wallpaper sellers such as Hannah’s Treasures has them too. So there’s even a vintage precedent for faux tile wallpaper.

    1. pam kueber says:

      Oh! I thought I looked there, but will check again. Yes, I’ve seen vintage precedents but couldn’t spot any available right now!

  2. Elizabeth from Texas says:

    I adore it! As a proud member of the “I saved a Pink Bathroom Club”, I must say that having this fun wallpaper in the arsenal is another weapon to bring pink loveliness to more bathrooms throughout the world!!!

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