Midcentury Metro ranges — a new retro stove design — in 8 colors from Northstar

northstar retro range aqua turquoisePoking around the Northstar appliances website recently, I bumped into the fact that the company has recently brought a second midcentury retro style oven range to market. They’re calling this their “Midcentury Metro” line. The company says:

As pleasing to look at as to cook on, the ranges are available in all-electric, all-gas or dual fuel options, and in eight not-so-standard colors – including Candy Red, Robin’s Egg Blue, Buttercup Yellow, Mint Green and Tropical Blue. Full-size ovens, manual controls and choice of high-output gas burners or electric, high-speed radiant elements….. Manufactured in North America.

Northstar retro mid century stove in mint green I felt kinda bad that I had not spotted these before. But the company made me feel better when they clarified that the ranges were “soft launched” at the end of 2019, but are being “officially launched” as a new range option for 2021. 

Northstar retro range
Northstar’s original retro range in yellow, along with a fridge.

The photo above shows Northstar’s “original” retro range — I saw it in person a few years ago at the national kitchen and bath show. The most notable differences between the two ranges seem to be in the way the “splashback” is styled and the use of chrome.  “Original” (above) has a high splashback with a large chrome panel as a key design feature — it reminds me of a Studebaker dashboard … or the original Dishmaster. There also is more chrome edging the stove along the sides, footer, and splashback. Midcentury modern oven range in pink from NorthstarThe Midcentury Metro design, meanwhile, has a cleaner, less pronounced splashback, and its only use of chrome looks to be on the handles and knobs.


If you’re interested in buying one or the other of the two designs, check with the company re any other differences in features / specifications. lavendar lilac colored mid century modern range from NorthstarThere are seven colors, plus white.

blue retro stove from Northstar

The range is 30″ wide, and as I mentioned at the top, it’s available in all-electric, all-gas or dual fuel options.yellow oven range mid century modern retro style from NorthstarUsing my zipcode to search “where to buy” on the Northstar’s website, it says that I can buy through a dealer (somewhat nearby; I live in a rural area) or directly from Northstar / Elmira Direct.
retro midcentury modern range in white from Northstar

red northstar retro stoveretro range hoodretro range hood with stove from northster

The company also has midcentury style range hoods in two designs. And, if you dive into their website you’ll see other major appliances including refrigerators, dishwashers, and microwaves available in the same colors so you can be matchy matchy, if you like!

Thanks to Northstar for all the great photos!

More information:

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