New old stock vintage Dishmaster kitchen faucet — happy birthday to me!

dishmaster faucet box*Someone* had a birthday recently and like, the day before, a New Old Stock Mint In Box vintage Dishmaster — the old kind, from the original 1948 design — came up for sale — and the price was right — and it was Buy It Now — so: Even though that *someone* has plenty of new old stock mint in box vintage kitchen faucets of various woddity rarity statuses already in her basement, how could she pass this up?

vintage dishmaster new old stockIsn’t this faucet just gorgeous! It’s quite heavy. Note, it has red and blue plastic button thingies for the front of the faucet levers, I just forgot to pull them out for this photo.

dishmaster faucet manualIt came with paperwork, and the box. 

As you may recall, I already had a partial version of this design Dishmaster — and I used the handles on my new/modern Dishmaster when I installed in my kitchen.

You can still buy new Dishmasters today

dishmaster with vintage faceplate
Above: The current model Dishmaster installed in my kitchen; I used old-design Dishmaster faucet levers.

Remember: New Dishmasters — of a different design (see above) but still very cool — are still made today — they are in many reader kitchens, I think!

My museum collection grows

I don’t think I will ever install my birthday present faucet — I am quite happy with my present Dishmaster. Note also, to those of you considering using old kitchen faucets: Be aware that they, like other old products, may not meet current safety specifications/contain hazards — get with a pro to assess what you have so that you can make informed decisions how to handle — Be Safe Renovate Safe.

In any case: I really do have quite the little museum collection of New Old Stock Mint in Box kitchen, bathroom and home decor products from the post-WWII era stockpiled. Remember that time I donated my NOS Peter Muller-Munk-designed Griswold Symbol pots to the Carnegie Museum of Art? I tend to think that one day soon, I will be organizing and annotating my collection and then reaching out to some museums to see if they’d like to have these beautiful examples of mid-century American industrial design in their permanent collections.

vintage dishmaster new old stockHappy birthday to me!

  1. Bruce Garibotti says:

    Wowie! That is a beauty. I ran across a NOS one on eBay earlier this year. I believe it was the same model. The seller told me he found it in the basement of his house that originally belonged to an old contractor. It was completely sealed in the original box it was shipped in. Crazy. It auctioned for around $400. He wanted me to win it but I couldn’t afford that. I did buy a NOS 1989 model in box with docs that was $75 (buy it now) with another $21 for shipping and taxes. There is no comparison and I would prefer yours but mine is still fun.

  2. Donna in SC says:

    I have a new dish master in my newly renovated mid century kitchen. I love it! i only washed my hair twice and the window 3 times before I taught myself to 1) pick up the wand, and only then 2) pull up the diverter! I love the brush and the suds dispenser!!!

  3. Phil says:

    What a wonderful find!

    I do appreciate sellers who recognize that someone else might be interested in whatever oddity they come across.

    What site did you find this on? I check eBay regularly but didn’t see it!

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      ebay — I have a saved search for Dishmaster, and it popped up and wham! I BIN’d it

  4. Neil says:

    Kinda a shame to install it for daily use since it’s bound to diminish it’s pristine condition.
    On the other hand, part of the beauty of these vintage objects is the pleasure of hands-on living with them.

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