Do you want to sell a vintage item that you own?

.If you have something vintage that you want to sell, here are some tips:

  1. rental truckSell it Yourself: If you are a Sell-It-Yourself sort, most folks seem to head for Craigslist, Ebay, Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, a Facebook group, etc. Craiglist is a great place to list, I think, because you can go on sites like searchtempest and cast a wider search net. Facebook Marketplace is super addictive – great for the way it shows what’s closest to you and for its photos. Local sites like craigslist and Facebook Marketplace are great, I think, for bulky or fragile expensive to ship items. But that said, I have heard of many people — like Cindy and her cross-country cabinet crusade! — who are searching all over their region or even beyond for the particular large items they want — and they will go to get them. 
  2. Sell it to a local store: You can also check with local small businesses who may allow you to put it on consignment, or who may buy it from you. Don’t be shocked at how “little” they may offer you to take it off your hands — remember, they have to pay for a bricks and mortar store and insurance and workman’s comp and all that stuff, which adds up quick. The folks I know who run these places work their tails off, and I don’t think they are getting rich.
  3. If it’s really valuable: If an item is truly valuable, get to a licensed expert who can guide you.
  4. If you can’t sell it, consider donating it to your local Re-Store Habitat for Humanity.
  5. Please, no buying/selling on the main blog, otherwise it would get way out of control — I will delete these without notice. Also, please know that I am not a dealer, I do not buy things from readers. And, due to volume I cannot respond to emails asking me to connect you with someone who has posted previously on the blog. 


  1. Trying to value your item to price it? I usually first start by researching Sold Listings on ebay to see what “comps” have gone for. Check under a variety of search terms, as folks often don’t know what they have and may be using generic selling terms. 
  2. If you think you have something truly valuable, go to an appraiser. I am not expert on how that industry works, but I’d think you’d want “independent” eyes on the item.  There also are some websites out there that collect auction prices for various items, but you usually have to pay to subscribe to research the comps. 
  3. Note, I don’t do valuations. I love to hear about and see true woddities — but please don’t email for valuations or to sell stuff. Due to volume, I am unable to reply to requests about how to sell, price, or value other items.

Good luck with all! 

  1. Arienne says:

    Hi, I have two boxes of original 4×4 pink tile we recovered from our bathroom. They were added to the house when it was built in 1959. Is there a place I can post them for sale?

    Thank you

  2. itzik says:

    I have a black panther tv light that was given to me by my mother. I have seen many others at antique sites but my is still the only outstanding one. The black panther has a tree coming out of the middle with a light surrounded by leaves and branches. It has green leaves with yellow leaves around the light in the middle. I believe it to be circa 1930’s, as I was born in 1933, and remember it sitting atop of our large radio in the middle of the living room where I would sit and listen to the Lone Ranger, and Inner sanctum and other programs and I was around 4-5 years old at that time. I have been letting go of my other collectibles and was wondering if some movie company or others that were looking to have a setting of that time period were interested. The simple black ceramic panther that I had seen listed were selling for $450 with just the panther and a light hanging off of the back. If I can do it I will send a picture of this Panther Light, as I believe there may be very little or none surviving. thanks

  3. donna Bannerman says:

    Hello I have a steel cabinet, that I am trying to find out information on.I am a bit stumped on steel furniture.
    It is pale blue, with a slight slant on the sliver base., Shallow storage unit within hidden door on side. Looks to be early laminate top, with flap.
    The $ for this item, will be going to Salvation Army charity, so I would like to obtain information on the dates and details. cheers

  4. Carolrac says:

    My parents built a custom brick rancher in Collingswood nj back in 1959. It has original brown tile bath and original kitchen. it also has a corner brick fireplace that can be enjoyed from the diningroom and living room. I want to save it from a complete rehab which is what my brothers want. How do I find buyers who would love the house for the mid century modern style?

  5. Lisa E says:

    Hello –
    I have a 1946 home in Minnetonka, MN and it still has the most amazing charming features, including an original kitchen. Where ought I list so that cool buyers will see it – and possibly save it from a total reno?


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