Stainless steel sink, counter, drainboard combo’s are classic 40s 50s 60s retro kitchen choices

This ad from 1953 spotlights the Elkay Lustertone sink/countertop/drainboard combo. You can still get these today – and they are an awesome choice if you can make it work with your cabinetry and layout. Stainless steel is a great surface to work on and to be sure, when you’re moving dishes into and out of the sink, it’s great to have a waterproof surfaces to the right and left.

s7219-elka-lusterton.jpg<—- This Elkay Lustertone sinktop is almost identical (albeit a single-bowl) to the one above. It would look great butted up next to stainless-steel trimmed laminate. And don’t forget to put a slab of butcher block nearby.

lustertone-ilr6622dd-v2.jpg <—- This second choice has a double bowl and can be set directly into laminate (no countertop edge) or onto another countertop material like granite (argh).

lustertone-d7234.jpgAnd this one —-> combines double bowl with edging although I’d need to find out if that super bright surface is for real – I don’t like it.

Overall: It seems like the best choice may be #1, if you can live with the single bowl.

I have numerous posts on countertops – they are all worth reading to put together your own plan, if I say so myself!

elkay-lustertone-1.jpg<—- BTW, notice in the 1953 design how the grey steel kitchen cabinet is married with the colonial pine. Very typical of the era.

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  1. David Conwill says

    We are in the process of buying a turn-of-the-century home with a mid-century modern kitchen, bath, and enclosed porch. We’d like to retain these elements as we go about restoring the place. We have one of the Elkay Lustertone two-bowl sinks illustrated in this post. Is there any way, such as a serial number, to place a more-specific date on it?

    • Pam Kueber says

      Welcome, David, and congratulations on your purchase! My advise re your Elkay sink: Contact them directly. The company still exists, and still makes these style sinks. We look forward to seeing photos of your house when you get in!

  2. Pat says

    Oh my, we have one of those in the house we just bought, has the drainboard on just one side. It’s part of a built in with tin cupboard underneath. I really don’t care for it amongst my 1920’s wood cupboards, I really would love a sink that they call farmhouse style, but there isn’t room for it since they added a dishwasher under it (removed a cupboard).
    I am really a 30’s, 40’s era vintage lover! The dishwasher is sorta vintage (and pretty cool), a 1970’s Kitchen Aid. I rather like it, it’s cooler than a new one anyway!

    • Pam Kueber says

      Pat, those 60s-70s-80s Kitchenaids were THE BEST! Visually, at least, I love their look. I don’t know about their quality – but they certainly seem to held up in many places!

  3. Lisa says

    I’ve got a big one of these (not sure of the manufacturer) sitting in my basement. It was a gift from a relative who redid their kitchen. We’d love to install it but it’s seen a lot of use over the years and I don’t know how to bring it back.
    Can you suggest any methods/cleaners/ etc. to get some of the fine scratches out. I’m thinking maybe a soft scrub and a buffer?
    Thanks for any ideas!

  4. Marti Hall-Powers says

    What if you don’t have room for a double sink. My sink which needs to be replaced is 24″: and that is as big as I can do

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