If you’re lucky to have a 60s bathroom: You’re lucky you can have this toilet


There is nothing that makes a true retro renovator happier, than finding the perfect toilet.

I have a 50s house, so I must have a 2-piecer. And today, there is nothing new that really fits that old groove so my recommendation is basically, something innocuous.

However, if you have 60s home with a more defined modern style, you can go with a 1-piece elongated toilet like this Champion Elongated from American Standard. I particularly would like to see this suite — including the toilet, tub and sink — in gray. Or: Match it to the sinks in today’s ebay pick.

And remember: Painted wood seat, chrome attachment hardware.


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    • pam kueber says

      Hi Barbara, where to find vintage plumbing fixtures is addressed in the FAQs. Toilet seats: On the Bathroom Fast & Easy page. You can also use the Search box.

    • Cindy says

      I have an entire blue vintage bathroom (Rheem Richmond)…everything in pristine condition, also have 2 towel bars, 2 soap dishes and toothbrush holder to match in same blue…I was wondering if u r still in need?

      • pam kueber says

        Cindy, this is a quite old thread. I recommend: Put your items up for sale on craigslist. Good luck.

  1. Ronna Newsom says

    This is so weird that I went here to read this today because we are renovating our master bathroom and are not in need of our pristine lavendar Rheem toilet and matching “tile-in” lavendar sink. Kathy, are you still interested? Not sure if I”m supposed to post my email or not but if interested I’m at ronna1963@yahoo.com

      • Lisa says


        Did you ever find your lavender toilet? I have a lavender 1963 Rheem toilet and the tank just cracked. Am trying to find a replacement tank. If no luck I will have to replace the whole toilet. The bummer is that the sink and tub are lavender also. Any ideas?

        • Jean says

          Hi Lisa,
          I fortunately did find one in Pennsylvania on Craigslist. I kept searching on both Craigslist and Ebay and finally located one. My husband drove down from Massachusetts because it was way to much to have it shipped. I got a new toilet seat to match the exact color through Bemis and all is well! We had to put new workings in the tank, but it completes my lavender suite in my main bathroom one again. So….you just have to be patient and keep looking.
          Good luck,

          • Lisa says

            HI Jean,

            Thanks so much for the information. I now know way more about vintage toilets than I ever dreamed. People even post videos of their special johns on UTube!
            You helped me make a decision. I will have to find a replacement toilet for now and pack the “special” one away until I can find another tank,


          • Jill says


            I am jealous. I am just looking for a new purple toilet or a replacement lid. It’s in my Dad’s house and the bathroom has been known to all as the “purple bathroom:” He refuses to replace it with anything else but lavendar/purple. Any suggestions where else to look?


  2. Suzanne says

    I’m looking for two Eljer toilet seats in the biscuit/pinkish color from the early 1970’s. Any idea where to look?

  3. Jean says

    I am looking for a replacement lavender toilet from the mid 60s. Anyone? Mine was made by Rheam, but don’t know where to get replacement parts for it.

  4. sue says

    i am looking for medium to soft pink complete toilet. ours stopped working. too expensive to remodel the whole bathroom since its a master bath. elongated seat please. if you need a pic let me know to see the true color. thanks sue

  5. Simon Turner says

    I have a 60s-style Pyramid low level suite (toilet and sink) in the downstairs loo. The cistern is leaking from a hairline crack and, although I have repaired it, I am looking for a replacement cistern or conplete cistern-and-bowl. The only stipulation is that it must be pink in order to avoid having to replace the sink as well, and redecorate the loo.
    Grateful for any information anyone may have.

    • Lisa says

      Hi, Simon, Did repairing your hairline crack on your tank work? I got some underwater epoxy that the crab fisherman here use on their hulls, but haven’t tried it yet. I ended up getting a mauve 80’s Kohler toilet from a semi-retired plumber who had a stash of older toilets. My lavender loo is sitting in the backyard awaiting repair. Good Luck!

    • Jean Gough says

      We had a broken Rheem toilet that we could not find replacement parts for. It was a one piece that was cracked. We ended up finding another Rheem, 2 parts, and bought new tank parts for it. Rheem hasn’t been making toilets for many years. We did buy a toilet seat in lavendar from Bemis that matches perfectly, however!

  6. Sam says

    I was serarching the web and found this guy: the faucet guru. he really helped me locate an old kohler toilet seat.

  7. Lynn Sistek says

    We just removed a rheem toilet with the date of June 26, 1964. It works great; however; we needed to replace it for a higher style. It is lavender.

    • pam kueber says

      We do not sell anything here. Head to our category Bathroom Help / Toilets for all our research and resources identified.

      Good luck.

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