Retro flooring in a “colonial brick” style – a wonderful choice from Armstrong

Retro colonial brick vinyl sheet flooring

“Retro flooring” is one of the top search terms for people coming to this blog. So, a couple of weeks ago I went hunting at the tile and floor shop — and found a few new flooring alternatives to share. This is my #1 favorite among them — a vinyl sheet flooring from Armstrong that suits a retro kitchen perfectly, is affordable, easy to clean and easy to get installed.

Retro colonial brick vinyl sheet flooring

The style name is Saguaro – the ‘bricks’ are a nice modest size – and I like the colors, especially the Desert White (shown) and the more classic red Canyon Clay. Note, there is a larger brick style, Mesita. I think it is too big!

When I look at the floor in the photo, I think it would have been 100% appropriate for my kitchen — a very nice alternative to the Azrock Cortina Autumn Haze #423 that I’m so crazy about. You can see that for the room shot, Armstrong even paired this floor with retro elements – like the Saarinen tulip table in the foreground.


This floor style reaches all the way back to the 50s. And there is no doubt – vinyl flooring is easiest to maintain. So if you’re looking for a less-hassle lifestyle — and great retro style — this is a great choice.

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    Wow. I grew up with those floors in off-white. We even had aqua tile countertops and aqua appliances. WHY did my parents ever move? They were always talking about their ‘old’ kitchen. It hurts me so.

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    I am looking to use the Earthscapes Saunder 991 in my 1947 Bungalow reno. Keeping the old white cupboards and painting the walls a creamy yellow with this flooring. I love that it is on the diaganol. Any comments…I haven’t committed yet.

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