Brick flooring in vinyl — retro, timeless

brick flooringA while back we had a good conversation about the glazed brick flooring — real bricks — in Marie’s kitchen. Updating my flooring research, I came across this brick design vinyl sheet flooring — Mesita from Armstrong. I don’t know of any other brick-look vinyl floor designs out there, so I wanted to give it a spotlight. While not super-close, this flooring is the closest thing that I know of to our believed Armstrong #5352 currently available on the market. 

A brick floor like this would be what I consider “timeless”. That is: It has been used in all eras.

This style of flooring would be appropriate with ‘traditional’ — but probably not ‘atomic’ — decor. Above: A 1964 kitchen that I featured in 2008 years ago in a big series about pink kitchens. This kitchen is what I’d call: Traditional / country / provincial. Such a gorgeous kitchen — one of my all-time favorites! I think it was an ad for the brown appliances — who knew brown appliances could look so good!

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  1. Randerson says:

    Love the look of this new Armstrong brick floor, but our quite small original knotty-pine kitchen needs a smaller pattern that no one seems to make anymore. Wish something like the classic #5352 was available!

    1. GlenEllyn says:

      I have a small kitchen too, so this wouldn’t work so well. But I’m happy to see more pattern choices nowadays when it comes to vinyl flooring. No ceramic tile for me, please – I live in MN and it’s just too cold during our frigid winters.

  2. Alison says:

    Thanks for this! I am looking ahead to revamping my 1959 kitchen and this will go nicely with the shellacked wood cabinets that are staying.

  3. Tarquin says:

    The house that had a vinyl brick floor in the kitchen also had a trivet with a funny saying hanging on the wall.

  4. Karin says:

    This flooring option is very attractive. I’ve seen amazing real brick flooring in the entry hallway of a midcentury home, and this is a great facsimile. The comments above about checking durability
    make a good point. That sunny yellow room and homey pink kitchen are so pretty. Great post, thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Chris says:

    I just tore this floor out of my kitchen. I agree that it’s very traditional / country, and fits the period, but it’s definitely not for everyone.

  6. Carolyn says:

    Places I’d see this used would be entry, especially the mudroom, enclosed porch/Florida room, boys bathrooms & bedrooms, man-cave/she-shed and, as they have pictured, laundry and kitchen.
    You note that it wouldn’t be a first choice in atomic – I wonder if that’s some of the stigma associated with Mid-Century, that too many people disregard all the many splendors of the era along with not seeing the sense of excitement and possibilities of atomics.
    Are those “brown” appliances or coppertone? Oh, my goodness! I just looked at the picture more closely – that’s one room of kitchen and adjacent laundry room. And is that a double fridge or fridge with upright freezer?!
    Well, this flooring is now even more appealing – it sets off the rest of the room without upstaging.

  7. Ethan says:

    One thing I’ve found out about vinyl flooring is that there are different grades, or quality, of it. I used cheaper vinyl flooring in my kitchen about six years ago and I found that it didn’t hold up to my two dogs. Their claws cut chunks/ gouges out of the flooring. It was also susceptible to pock marks from just about anything. After two years I replaced that flooring with a higher quality vinyl flooring and didn’t have the same problems. So, make sure any vinyl flooring you have installed can stand up to daily life.

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