Should I keep my pink bathroom? Laura sends an answer!


Hi Pam – It’s Laura B. from Portland, Oregon again. I saw your post on Jeff wondering if he should keep his pink bathroom while trying to sell his townhouse and thought of an article I just read in the July issue of Real Simple.

Although I love the vintage 50’s appeal of his bathroom as is, I thought this article showed a nice way to update it for people who aren’t as keen on that style without removing the beautiful pink tile!


Thanks, Laura!


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  1. jeena says

    I posted last week regarding my 50’s pink sink and I received a response asking me to save it, but the sink was not functional and had to be scrapped. I did type a lengthy response regarding my two pink bathrooms, but it never posted, and this is the first chance I have had to respond again, I have been too busy working on the bathroom. I found a great vanity in Lowe’s, it’s the Euro space saver shaker style in cherry wood topped with a white sink. I had it installed with a chrome faucet and it looks great, the light pink tones in the cherry is complimenting the pink tile on the wall. The cherry vanity is an acceptable solution for matching the pink tub and toilet, IMO, so a full renovation and replacement of the pink tiles and fixtures isn’t necessary.
    Now I need advice on wall color to go above the tile and on the ceiling. My pink tile looks close to the the Behr paint color of Bridal Rose and I have white grout, I have a pink/gray basket weave floor, chrome faucets and shower heads. I plan to use a clear shower curtain to make the bathroom look bigger, and purchased a small white shag rug with gray undertones. In addition, I purchased white and linen color towels for the ceramic towel bar in the shower.
    Thanks so much for any responses!

    • pam kueber says

      Hi Jeena, I don’t know why your response never posted. Sometimes things get caught in the spam filter. Also, everyone should know that I summarily delete any posts regarding selling. They would just clog up the blog. All buying/selling should go on the Forum.

      Meanwhile, in response to your question, it sounds like, with all the gray going on, that might be a good color for the walls – and then you could brighten it up with some artwork or chalkware. Sherwin Williams has a few grays in their Suburban Modern palette. Also, you know that I am a big fan of wallpaper. You can also take a look at Save The Pink Bathrooms – there are posts there that point to a lot of what we’ve done on pink bathrooms.

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