And one more for thought for Catherine’s kitchen…

An additional idea for your 1948 kitchen, Catherine: Steve Bauer of Bradbury & Bradbury points out that their new 40s papers include some maroon in them. This one in particular, might look great in your vintage Youngstown kitchen with its maroon-accented tile. Hey, how could your little ones not grow up glass-half-full in a “Sunnyside” kitchen? If you like this paper, get samples and see how it would match up with Armstrong Holly linoleum sheet on the floor, green Nevamar Marrakesh laminate on the countertops, yellow laminate dinette.


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  1. catherine says

    I love this idea, Pam! I have been on a stove search the past few days, I’m so excited to start this project now that I have so many great ideas!

  2. says

    For your additional cabinetry – stalk your local Re-Store/Habitat for Humanity, and craiglist. I’d watch clist also for the stove – be careful regarding gas, though, you want to make sure it has “CP” or automatic safety pilot.

  3. anita says

    I love all these ideas, and the wallpaper! I saw it online when I was searching and LOVE it. Anita

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