Bath rugs for your 40s 50s or 60s bathroom

bath rugs for your retro bathroom

We pause from this week’s 1948 historical retrospective for: A product recommendation! I am letting a little secret out of the bag, readers: J.C.Penney is a great store (and catalog and website) for many things retro. As in: If it’s a place grandma would shop for home decor – we like it! J.C.P., wanna advertise on the blog? It really truly is a good fit!

I love these curlicue bath rugs, for example. They are very vintage looking…  I really prefer the latex back so that the rugs are “sticky” to the floor… You can get matchy-matchy pieces for everything including the all-important toilet cover!… And they come in a number of colors including ta da pink blush. You know, I also like the fact that they come in large 5×8 and 6×9 sizes. Don’t we all remember putting those down in the winter – after cutting them to fit our bathrooms perfectly? Yes, they get disgusting – but only if you don’t wash them. There are a variety of other rug sets available at J.C.Penney, and bath towels, too. And of course, there’s always The Greatest Two Day Sale EVER going on….!

link: JCP bath rugs


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  1. nancyb says

    I love jcp! For housewares and cute, inexpensive clothing. These rugs are adorable! Their “Lisette” sheer curtains are pretty, too. I have their “aqua dust” panels in our tropical rec room.

  2. nancy says

    Thanks Pam! Just got them ordered. My new white floors were looking very cold. This is the perfect solution! Always a step ahead w/ the little details that finish a room off.

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