bath rugs for your retro bathroom

We pause from this week’s 1948 historical retrospective for: A product recommendation! I am letting a little secret out of the bag, readers: J.C.Penney is a great store (and catalog and website) for many things retro. As in: If it’s a place grandma would shop for home decor – we like it! J.C.P., wanna advertise on the blog? It really truly is a good fit!

I love these curlicue bath rugs, for example. They are very vintage looking…  I really prefer the latex back so that the rugs are “sticky” to the floor… You can get matchy-matchy pieces for everything including the all-important toilet cover!… And they come in a number of colors including ta da pink blush. You know, I also like the fact that they come in large 5×8 and 6×9 sizes. Don’t we all remember putting those down in the winter – after cutting them to fit our bathrooms perfectly? Yes, they get disgusting – but only if you don’t wash them. There are a variety of other rug sets available at J.C.Penney, and bath towels, too. And of course, there’s always The Greatest Two Day Sale EVER going on….!

link: JCP bath rugs

  1. nancy says:

    Thanks Pam! Just got them ordered. My new white floors were looking very cold. This is the perfect solution! Always a step ahead w/ the little details that finish a room off.

  2. nancyb says:

    I love jcp! For housewares and cute, inexpensive clothing. These rugs are adorable! Their “Lisette” sheer curtains are pretty, too. I have their “aqua dust” panels in our tropical rec room.

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