A vintage Drinking Lucky Bird – Sophie’s contest entry

sophies-drinking-luck-bird.jpgSophie’s contest entry:

Hi Pam,

I am a longtime lurker but have come out of hiding to share my Drinking Lucky Bird. I remember being fascinated by one as a child in the 80s (when, I believe, they were already vintage) so when I found this one tucked away in a drawer at an estate sale I didn’t hesitate to bring him home.

If he worked he would would bob up and down “drinking” from a glass. Unfortunately, he hasn’t been well looked after and he will only drink a few times before he stops. But his face is so full of vintage character (even with a piece of tape holding on his eyes!) that I keep him up on the shelf in my office. He makes me smile!

Thanks for a great site!



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  1. Tikimama says

    We had one of these in the 80s when I was a kid, too! My brother, sisters and I all thought it was the coolest. I sure wish I still had it!

    • Pam Kueber says

      Welcome RetroRuth. That’s great to know…. It will go on my Merry Retro Christmas list for 2009, for sure!

  2. Susie says

    Aw, my grandfather had one at his bar (which I dream about all the time, complete with orange formica and marbled, mirrored wall tiles) in the basement of his and my grandmother’s house. I remember he had the original box, too, in one of the drawers under the bar. I wish I could find one.

  3. Anita says

    My brothers had them when we were kids, back in the 60s. I will ask and see what can be done to get him well again, as I remember they would frequently stop working correctly – but after some tweeking were good as new again.

  4. Dianne says

    I have one of these in the original box with instructions. I was wondering if they have any value. It is we guess from 40’s, 50’s 0r 60’s not sure.

  5. Charlene says

    I also had a lucky drinking bird, last night he was not so lucky! He broke! What was in those birds? I am thking mine dates back to the 1950’s.

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