In praise of vintage Daystrom dinettes


1953-daystrom-dinetteThese days I am quite in love with cozy vintage dinettes — like this 1953 Daystrom model. Daystrom, along with Arvin, seem to have been the two really big names in dinettes back in the day – and both seem to have disappeared from the screen altogether today.

This lovely green dinette – amidst the aqua-pistachio kitchen with its wood and white and wallpaper – has the feel of the coziest place in the world, don’t you think?


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  1. Elvis (aka) Jane says

    Yes, Jita, I love that translucent reeded glass.
    But the dinette is pretty cute, too. I particularly like the hairpin legs.

    • Pam Kueber says

      Elvis/Jane – here at the home show I see there are many styles of glass still available – included the reeded/fluted. Very nice!

  2. Amy says

    This has got to be my favourite kitchen ever, the colours, the dining table and chairs, everything. Love it!

  3. vintage_gal Colleen says

    I love this – such a pretty set, and I’m dead set on getting a room divider/cabinet like the one in the photo. Even if I have to make it myself!
    If anyone is looking for a formica set and lives near East Hartford, Connecticut, here’s a pretty sweet set on Ebay –
    Only $100. Needs a lttle work, they say. Not a bad price at all.

  4. Holyoke Cindy says

    I can imagine sitting there with my morning coffee. I still use my set of Revereware pots and pans which might be what they show in the background….Mom’s homemade soup simmering?

  5. Russell says

    Elvis/Jane, I too love the cross reeded glass, I have a similar partition in my 56 ranch. You can see it under “readers homes”. However this one really stands out because of the light background colors. I’ll have to remember that when I get to redoing the kitchen. I found one supplier that still makes the glass Sounds like there are probably others. I really dig those splayed legs on the table.

  6. Elvis (aka) Jane says

    Russell, we replaced the cracked, yellow plastic-covered sidelights at our front door with reeded glass and were able to get it from a local glass shop (Portland). Besides looking much nicer and letting in lots more light, our kitties like it because they can (sorta) see who’s at the door! I’d use in in our interior if I could just figure out a place to put it….

  7. Heidi Swank says

    While not for real people, this Watko dinette on ebay is wonderful. Wish I had had stuff like this for my dolls when I was a kid.

    Item number: 130315074135

    Gotta love the pink chairs with the black speckles!

  8. Carolyn says

    I have this table, but no chairs. My Aunt Fran told me this summer that she custom picked her colors after she got married so its aqua on top and black edging instead of chrome. This is my prize possession! Does anyone know where I can send pictures for an unofficial appraisal?

  9. Carolyn Gilden says

    My mother in law bought a Daystrom Table and 4 chairs in the 1950’s. When I married her son (1962) in got her Daystrom. It has been in constant use since then and my kids are fighting over it. They both want it.( We made cookies, glued on it , plus homework,etc.) It still has the original cover that has been recovered by me many times. The rubber tips to the chairs have finally worn through and I am having trouble replacing them. It is a really neat design with double legs on each chair leg so I need a tip that has a place for 2 legs. Does anyone have an idea when I can find this or have some custom made?

  10. Megan says

    I purchased a table similar to this, but maybe a year or two later – the table top isn’t rounded at the cornerns. It also had the original bar/tea cart with it. It’s in pretty good shape, but could use some love (there’s a small chip out of the top of the middle leaf, the black legs and edging are a little banged up, the black finish on the cart trim is gettting rough, and the wheels are loose). It really isn’t that much, I just want it to look shiny without messing it up. Any tips on refurbishing this kind of furniture? I find very little info online about it other than people rabidly looking for it. Many thanks!

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