Hall-Mack Coronado bath accessories – the most popular line?

1962-hall-mack-coronado-bathroom-accessoriesHALL-MACK’S CORONADO line of bathroom accessories seems to be marketed for a long time. It is also featured prominently in this 1962 catalog, and it’s also the main line in my other catalog 1956. The line certainly seems prototypical of the postwar era — I see the shape of the end-pieces for the toilet paper and towels, in particular, everywhere.



Very amusing that there is an ash tray in the lineup. We also see an ashtray in the “relaxation unit,” which I’ve shown in the past here. I’ll have more images of the relaxation unit from the catalogs soon.


I like that 3-arm swing bar. Does anyone have it? The 9″ grab bar with soap holder – that also seems  rare. And the teensy toothbrush holder – cool. Seems to me that chrome-plated soap dishes and toothbrush holders always start to de-laminate. Meanwhile, I really like the robe hooks – they are just the right size. Have you tried to shop for robe hooks new today? Another item that’s designed on steriods.

Interestingly, the Coronado seems to have a crystal (I read: glass) soap tray, while the top of the line Aristocrome line that I featured yesterday had Lucite. Today we would think that glass was higher-end. I wonder if the novelty of plastic was the appeal…


Here’s the full lineup. Click on any image in this post several times – they will enlarge significantly so that you can see the detail.

hall-mackFinally, keep an eye out. In Feb. 2008, someone on ebay had four complete sets of MIB Hall-Mack for sale for $65 a set.  Don’t you get all shivery just looking at this photo? I want to buy it all and save it for a deserving renovator! If you are in the market, and you keep the faith, the retro decorating gods may likewise send some your way.


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  1. Glamorlux Nancy says

    Yep, this is the stuff that was originally in our 1959 home. Some pieces were replaced over the years, but I’ve put together a set (including a glass shelf!) for our master bathroom – all bought for very reasonable prices on eBay. A lot of the items were still in their original 50’s packaging, so it must have been a very popular line!

  2. atomicbowler-dave says

    OK, I have been silent too long. Busy season at work for the staff shipwright in the biggest yach charter fleet in U.S. . In other words, REALLY preoccupied. Sorry.

    That much said, I love these things, and much as I hate to admit it would probably want the tumbler holder in the bath and definitely at least one of the ashtrays!!! LOL!


  3. atomicbowler-dave says

    Ooops! Missed Nancy’s comment!
    I actually have lived in a cool old atomic box that had the grab-bar/soapdish thing. Don’t know what it was meant for otherwise, but it was mounted at the right hight for using as a soap dish while in bath. Had to bend over for the soap when showering, which was a bit inconvenient. We used to hang a washcloth over the bar on it.
    I have noticed many times the paucity of grab rails in more modern home constuction, and in pre-MCM era homes as well.
    I have noticed in all of the brochure and bathroom photos of MC homes (the ones that stuck in my overfilled memory, at least) that the MC era houses seem to have been big on tub/shower grabrails, often mounted in positions one would consider thoughtful and/or thought provoking.
    We have a little pile of similar new old stock goodies in the atomic house hope chest, saving up like Glamorlux…only we don’t have the house yet even!!!
    Long live the completion backwards principle, says I!

  4. says

    We can attest to the durability of these items — still going strong in our house. Solid solid solid. Unlike most of the junk on the market today! MIB old stock = go for it if you are renovating!

  5. says

    Oh my goodness Pam! These are awesome! We have two of those toothbruch holders at the warehouse right now! I LOVE the way they are hidden in the wall – so practical and they look so sharp! How fun!

  6. Rich says

    My 1954 Ranch baths have these same ones. In fact, I was able to locate a near match for the soap dish and toothbrush holder at a local plumbing store here in Dallas.

  7. Bob Whitman says

    I am in need of a No. 622 Soap Holder with Crystal Tray in my 1950’s ranch home. Over the years the Crystal Tray got broken and the plating in the soap dish is pitted and in bad shape. I would really appreciate any help you could give me in finding one.


  8. Valerie Russinko says

    Hi: I am looking for 4 recessed soap/tumbler holders by Hall-Mack (4″ size) for our house built in 1964. I would be SO grateful for any information.
    Thanks in advance.
    Valerie Russinko

  9. adrienne stern says

    I am in desperate need of Hall-Mark 4″ soap dish inserts….any body finding any out there?
    Deeply greatful for info

  10. ben says

    i got a no. 642 ash tray, new and in the box yeasterday. i feel i got it for a steal! im having a hard time finding hte vlaue of it however and it doesnt seem that many people have this item, let alon un-used. if anyone could give me even a rough idea on what its worth id be very greatful!


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