Retro bathroom: Space for your TP and smokes, too, in this Hall-Mack fixture

We see vintage, mint-in-box Hall-Mack bathroom hardware on ebay every once and a while, and these are great to snap up if you are anticipating a retro renovation or just want shiny new chrome.

I haven’t seen one of these available yet, though: A recessed rack for toilet paper, magazines and “cigarettes, matches and knick knacks”!

You can be sure if I do, I will be very evil, not feature it on this site, and snap it up. Sorry ’bout that. Ad: vintage Hall-Mack

  1. Ronna Newsom says:

    I have a painted over “relaxation unit” and am really looking hard for a new one or one in chrome. Anyone have one or can point me in the right direction?


  2. Alice says:

    I think it’s adorable that this is called a “relaxation unit”!! Loumeigs – look for a vintage pack of Phillip Morris cigs, just for show!

  3. loumeigs says:

    I most certainly have!!! My dad and I each love ours! I told him to do so when we talked tonight! I’d love to show off the bathroom! That and the kitchen are why we bought our house well, being what suited what our needs were helped with the decision, but really everyone knows the hideaway toothbrush holder is what sang to my heart!

  4. loumeigs says:

    🙂 I have one too. Funny, I just use the extra slot for another roll of toilet paper, never thought of cigarettes and nicknacks! Darn, I don’t smoke, guess I’ll keep it as a TP backup! 🙂 My dad has one in his house(with pink bathroom) in Portland, I was always jealous and thought it was a great idea. Now I have my own pink bathroom with this and the hideaway toothbrush holder to match! I one-upped him! I love this site! It’s great finding the ads and history of these neat little doodads!

  5. northernguy1960 says:

    First off, a big thanks to Pam for getting me back into this site. Second, how cool, I actually have one of these in my second bathroom. I figured it was probably something from a hotel/motel. I didn’t realize that they were sold for the home.

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