Vintage thank you card

vintage-thank-you-card195A big “thank you” to Elizabeth Mary for hosting me at her house on Friday. She lives just 35 miles away, so I took a little road trip to visit her and see her 1946 house. More to come on the visit soon. Meanwhile, many thanks, Elizabeth, for your kind hospitality. Your house is gorgeous, so full of love. P.S. Yes, I collect vintage greeting cards, too. Basically, there is nothing mid-century I don’t collect, much to Mr. Retro Renovation’s consternation.


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  1. Elizabeth Mary says

    Thank you for coming! It was so great to finally meet you, and I had such fun showing the house to someone with such enthusiasm. Come again any time!

    PS — Love the vintage card!

  2. Retro Junkie says

    I also collect vintage greeting cards. They are getting harder to find. I especially like the funny ones, a glimpse at how humor used to be compared to now.

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