Retro bathroom sconce from Menards for as little as $7.98

Here’s another super inexpensive light that would look great in a mid-century bathroom. Thanks to Jen, who writes:

Speaking of recent finds, Menards just put this funky sunburst light on clearance in the Chicago area for $7.98. Listed online for $10.99. Not vintage of course, but a fun find.

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  1. says

    Great style for a mid-century bathroom. Too bad these weren’t out when we were looking. We found some slightly older-style refurbished vintage lights at Rejuvenation in Portland, but this is the kind of thing we were looking for. Nice source!

  2. says

    Man, this is the second post you have done on great lighting at Menards. Good to know about them as a super secret source. I hate the selection at Home Depot, no Menards in Colorado. I hope their website is easy to order from.

  3. adam shur says

    Have to say Menards web ordering isnt so great I orderd the pendant lights the day I saw it on the fab retro reno. and 3 light came in sorta beat up boxes and the 4th light has yet to come no contact so I emailed them and wow it is backordered till mid june. O my cliants wont be happy…

  4. Suzi says

    Love it! Thanks for sharing this! I live in Chicagoland, and we are looking for a small light fixture for our dusty pink downstairs bath!

  5. Chelsey says

    I love this! I am currently looking for a replacement cover for a vintage pull down light in my kitchen…do you have any suggestions?

  6. melinda says


    I went to look for this a few weeks ago and found it but now I cannot. Do you know the style number somehow I found it and them lost it. Menards may be out but maybe I can source it from the details. Thanks for a great sight

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