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UPDATE (Oct 2011): Click over to –> this story to get an update on all three sources for boomerang laminate.

Where to find a retro Formica countertop for a red, black and white kitchen? Pamela recently wrote to ask:

Hi! I bought a home a couple of years ago … it’s a 10-year-old FL ranch, w/ a nice, open layout. The kitchen already has plain white, almost contemporary European-looking laminate cabinets. I’d like to decorate with a bit of retro & a bit of cottage style … in primarily red, white, and black. I’ve seen a lot of nice retro laminates on your site, but I’m looking for something white, with red speckles or red retro shapes. I could also do black speckles / shapes, but I like the idea of red better. I’ll probably do the stainless steel edging. Can you point me in a good direction for laminates like what I’m describing? Thanks for help!

Pamela, I think there is a relatively “easy” answer for this question: A Moment in Time — and several other suppliers online — have another boomerang countertop now that Formica’s boomerang countertops are only available in charcoal. These other boomerang design are a special-order item only available to the trade (professionals) — so you must buy it from a distributor like A Moment in Time.

At A Moment in Time, this laminate costs cost $325 for a 4′ x 10′ sheet [Oct. 2011] — this is the best price I’ve found. I presume that a 4′ x 10′ sheet can be easily (but very very precisely) cut in half length-wise to provide 20 linear feet of countertop 24″ deep. But, Pamela, if one of these 10 additional colors is what you are looking for, I think you are stuck paying.

Link: A Moment in Time Retro Design. You can also search “boomerang laminate” on google to scope out prices at other online retailers.

Disclosure: I updated this post in October 2011 to reflect more information gathered in 2011. At this time, A Moment in Time is an advertiser on the site. However, this story is not part of the deal. AND, they DO have the best prices currently, as far as I know.


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  1. says

    I’m not sure if Bars & Booths is the sole supplier of those color combos but I do know they are absurdly priced. I bought a 5ft by 12ft sheet if Formica through my Lowes and it was only $200. It might be worth looking into and see if it can be procured through other channels. I have reason to believe it must be available elsewhere since Bars & Booths also sells the chrome counter edging from New York metal at an astronomical markup as well.

  2. pam kueber says

    Thanks, Joe. I just jumped online and did a little more searching. Yes, there are other suppliers. But, I could not ID any who were significantly cheaper ala Home Depot. Tip: If you are truly on the hunt for this stuff at the best price, search “boomerang laminate” on google and price-shop…

  3. says

    I built a house in 1994 and totally hunted down the boomerang Formica. Loved it!

    I had to beg both my wasband and my decorator (helping us out through the builder) to do it. No one was a fan but me!

  4. Heidi Swank says

    In 2008, we bought two 6′ x 12′ pieces of Formica’s aqua boomerang laminate for the kitchen counters in our rental house for $86 a piece at Lowe’s. I remember that the 12′ took a while to come in. We almost drove a couple of hours to Bakersfield to get it in time for our cabinet maker to install it. The other lengths, we’ve used the skylark and charcoal boomerang laminates to front the bathroom counters, came in much more quickly. We didn’t have to have our cabinet guy buy them, though. We just went in and ordered what we needed ourselves.

  5. MbS says

    On P’s fab facebook page, I uploaded two shots of my grey “monochrome tweedy” formica original to the house. Take a look. See also, the bonus metal cutting board, hudee ring sink, metal edging, and below, the grey/white checkerboard tile.

    • pam kueber says

      Thanks, Kathy – I actually have more posts coming including these! Question, though, were you able to get them as a residential buyer from Wilsonart – or did you have to go through a designer or cabinet company? It’s my understanding these are “trade only”.

      • California Kathy says

        The countertop guy took care of ordering it and then did the install. So I don’t know the price for just the material.

  6. Colin says

    According to Wilson Art, these are produced exclusively for Vitro Seating and all others have to source through them. I bought 2 sheets of Glacier from Vitro.

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