Vintage Youngstown metal kitchen cabinets – a picture perfect 1950s kitchen

Hot item! Just yesterday, Cody sent in this great kitchen from craigslist — Burlington, Vermont. He wrote:

Hi Pam I just ran across this on Craigslist and thought it was quite a find! It’s a time capsule kitchen and they are selling the pieces off (sad) … it looks to be in great shape. Thought you may like to share it with your readers and maybe find a good home for this kitchen!

The ad is now gone, but we captured the info originally provided by the seller:

1950 VINTAGE KITCHEN: We purchased a home that had one prior owner and no children. The kitchen is in unbelievable nearly perfect condition. The home was built custom and the best products available at the time were used. The home was placed in service in October of 1950 and remains in its original condition. We are enlarging and cannot use the kitchen. If you are interested in the entire kitchen we will discount, from $8500 to $7500. We will sell off piece meal on a first come first serve basis.
Cabinetry by Youngstown: Includes upper and lower cabinets with 2 lazy susans, two bread boxes, broom closet, over refrigerator cabinets and half round end shelf. Counter top, Melonite wall panels, recessed over sink light with stainless steel trim, and decorative fluorescent ceiling light with crystal decoration. $1,800.
Like-new Westinghouse stove with 4 burners and surface work area, large warming drawer and two pot storage drawers, timer, surface light and manual. $3,500.
Like-new Westinghouse refrigerator: features a “frost free” freezer compartment, butter storage, egg trays, interior lighting, and manual The E on Westinghouse is missing, but we are trying to order from a restoration company. $2,400.
Westinghouse dishwasher and sink base combination: The dishwasher has not been used in 40 years and we do not know if it runs. Single bay porcelain sink with drainboard on top of dishwasher. Cabinet storage under sink and manual for dishwasher $800.

Custom white Youngstown cabinets

Custom lazy susan & built ins throughout

Like-new Westinghouse stove with warming drawer

“Frost Free” Westinghouse refrigerator

Pam adds: Wow. Gorgeous kitchen… I’m in serious love with that stove. And, I love this listing because it seems to be a great example of how a modest-sized, U-shaped kitchen was put together. Also, this color combo seems to be a particular classic for the period — the pistachio green countertop, the kelly green floor, the white cabinets. I am pretty sure that the kitchen original to my 1951 house was this color scheme — we found kelly green tiles underneath the 70s vinyl sheet… and we had this pistachio green countertop (linen design) in two of the bathrooms. Finally — note the small scale of the fridge — replicate with a Smeg … or seek out vintage…. Thank you, Matt, for getting this post up pronto.


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  1. says

    I’m glad that even though they can’t (don’t want to) re-use these items, they at least appreciate the goodness of it enough to save them.

  2. Amy Hill says

    I wish I was close enough to buy the fridge! I didn’t know they made “frost free” back then.
    Sweet little kitchen with all the bells & whistles. Someone will get a real treasure!

  3. says

    Why do these things never show up in my neck o’ the woods?? It seems like steel cabinets were a rarity in California, or everyone tore them out long ago. If I had the moolah, I’d be buyin’ and shippin’ this whole kitchen!

    • Glen Johnson says

      I’m going to be selling my mother’s Youngstown metal cabinets. They’re in good condition but the insides need a little TLC – a little rusty. The outsides are in good condition but they have been repainted several times, so not original finishes. Still has the Youngstown Kitchen label in front! I’m located in Northern California. Let me know if anyone is interested!

  4. Shane Walp says

    Whoever’s running that ad isn’t bashfull about the pricing are they? Lol

    That’s a great color scheme for the early ’50s. I had a ’52 Chevy that was “spring green” and “emerald green”. Maybe I can talk Nikki into going with that on the floors/countertops! But where would yÓu find that light green formica?
    The Youngstown set that I purchased came complete with stainless backsplash, rounded front edging and stainless formica panel dividers all perfect. Prob is it’s gray cracked ice. Doesn’t look too bad but I may rather have the light green

    • says

      Yeah, I thought “Wow” when I saw the asking prices, too.

      I found a Vita-Mix (looking for parts for mine) on CL yesterday and the guy was asking $1800. I realize they’ve become popular but you can buy a new one for about $750 and a stainless older one like mine for $100-300 on ebay. My thought was “Wow!” just like I thought that with this.

      But you never know, this guy might end up laughing himself to the bank!

  5. Patrick Coffey says

    that is the same stove and fridge the Ricardos had in their apratment on I Love Lucy….to bad these people are asking outrageous price for this kitchen though…

    • says

      You are right- because Westinghouse was the sponsor of I Love Lucy. Lucy and Ricky appeared in many of their commercials as well. I have the same stove, but the Commander (double oven) model.

        • says

          hi barry, the great thing about these old stoves is that they are well made and easy for a layman to figure out. Most of the repairs we have done were fairly straightforward and just involved replacing wires and elements. If you need larger parts, like doors or handles, you’d probably have to find a donor stove, but if you need wiring, just take a sample of the old wire to any electrical supply house and they should be able to get you hooked up.

  6. nina462 says

    I get dibs on the stove & fridge & edge shelving on the countertop. If I didn’t already have my own vintage kitchen, I’d want this one. Delish!!

  7. says

    My in-laws used to have a stove just like that! Isn’t that fridge sweet.

    I understand remodeling, I really do, but if I bought a house that had that pristine of a vintage kitchen, I really don’t think I’d have the heart to tear it out. In fact, I’d probably buy the house for the pristine vintage kitchen. lol

  8. magnarama says

    Yeah, it’s a pretty kitchen all together like that, but come onnnn … $3500 and $2400 for that stove and fridge? What are they smoking? They must be hoping some Hollywood set designer will whisk it all away….

  9. says

    Wow, that is my dream kitchen!!

    That pale green linen laminate is showing up all over the place lately. Why, oh why, won’t they start making it again?!

  10. Mary says

    That kitchen is so cute and 100% efficient in design. So many of today’s kitchens are excessive in size and design. Simple is better!

  11. Elizabeth Estelle says

    I have a kitchen very similar to this for sale. Is anybody interested? I do not have the fridge or stove but the cabinets, marlite wals and ceiling, and some dishes.

  12. MinnyMoma says

    I know for around $2400ish, you can buy a “new” retro fridge…
    and it will come with a freezer department a lot bigger than that one.

    • pam kueber says

      this is covered in the faqs, erv. bottom line: none known – salvage is your best bet unless you can cobble something together ….

  13. amber says

    OK. 1st off I’m new here & I apologize if I’m not posting in the right area 🙂 This kitchen looks kinda like mine, don’t get me wrong I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Youngstown metal cabinets. They are in mint condition. My only problem is it’s just too much white!! I have ALOT of cabinets…. The counter is original also. Its a dark marbly green & Formica (I believe) with stainless steel banding on the curved edge and also on the back curve to the wall. The range is a 1950s Westinghouse. Them we have the newer refrigerator. I would love some pointers on how to make my kitchen more inviting. Cozy. Just want to tie it all together. Some cabinet colors would be great…

  14. Gloria says

    I was looking into remodeling my kitchen when I found out I had a Youngstown kitchen. Now I need to know how to clean them up. There is some rust under the sink and on some of the hinges.

    • pam kueber says

      Great, Emily! This is not a DIY site, but see our category Kitchens / Steel Kitchens, where a number of readers have shared their experiences. Also please know, there can be vintage nastiness such as lead paint in our old houses — consult with your own properly licensed professional.

  15. Alison says

    I am buying my grandparents 1956 ranch style house. It has original general electric white stove/ oven. I use it daily and love the vintage look,zz

  16. roseanne says

    I have the same stove and have looked to no avail for the model number. oven and broiler have both stopped working so am looking for cause and replacement parts so model would be a big help.

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