42 vintage medicine cabinets from Miami-Carey circa 1955

1950s medicine cabinets from miama carey

Am I right: Were vintage medicine cabinets made in the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s and 1970s so much more interesting — not to mention, heavier-duty — than today? I recently picked up this catalog showcasing mid-century medicine cabinets, and I count 42 different variations. 42! Plus, check out the towel bars, soap dishes and other chromium, aka chrome-plated accessories. I scan, therefore I am, and I’ve scanned all 34 pages…

 … (1) so that you can identify the medicine cabinets that may be in your home, (2) for your viewing pleasure and/or the hunt, and (3) for history’s sake. I’m not 100% positive, but I think, from the notation, that the brochure was published in late 1955.

miami carey bathroom accessoriesTips to view slide show: Click on the first thumbnail… it will enlarge… proceed to next slide via arrows below image… you can start/stop at any slide.

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  1. Sam R says

    The blue/pink hall bathroom in my 1954 ranch has one of the lighted “Master” models from page 14. Everyone who sees it comments on the cool Deco covers over the ends of the fluorescent tubes.

    • Sam R says

      Upon further review, it’s tagged as a “Cavalier” model, but it doesn’t seem to have the etching in the mirror shown on the Cavaliers.

  2. Steve says

    We have a Miami-Carey model 2015, Duette, I believe. Looking for a replacement wraparound light cover. Anyone have any suggestions. I really feel the need to keep this fixture in this 1956 ranch.

    Thank you

      • Steve says


        Not yet. Trying some resale shops, no luck. They went under in the 70’s I think. So, finding replacements that are 30 – 40 years old might not be the way to go either. Still looking though. Been looking at some high-line replacements at Rejuvenation, that would preserve the look at a pretty penny. If I find something, I’ll let you know. Let me know if you have any luck. I’ll keep your model # case I run across them.

  3. michael matei says

    I am interested in purchasing a new replacement cabinet that we have
    it is the model ( The Imperial)
    How much is it? .
    Thank You

  4. says

    We have the “Ensemble”, original to our 1955 Sacramento Eichler, but not present when we bought it last August. We acquired the cabinet from a neighbor, who had updated their bathroom. Happily, they had the foresight to keep the cabinet in their garage, and kindly donated it to us for free. With some cleaning, it’s pretty much like new. Would you mind if I borrow the relevant scan for a blog post I’m writing? Thanks!

      • says

        Great, thanks Pam! I just posted on our blog, using a crop of the relevant page. I linked it back here, along with a named link. Thanks again for sharing the brochure, and quickly solving the mystery of where our cabinet came from!

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