Where to find bathroom replacement tile for a vintage bathroom

replacement tile for a 1950s 1960s or 1970s bathroom

One of the biggest “needs” of owners of mid century homes is: Replacement tile for cracked or broken original tiles in otherwise perfectly beautiful and functional mid century bathrooms. Now that we have discovered World of Tile we have probably the single best place in the nation (so far) where we have a chance to find an authentic vintage match for our 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and even 1980s bathrooms. In fact, when I checked in with Chippy on Monday — after my first two stories on World of Tile ran — she said that she had 60 emails from readers. The first three she opened were for replacement tile. She was able to match two immediately — it seems like she has a photographic memory for all her inventory. The third, she had in marble but not in ceramic – but it looked like it would work.

How to do business with World of Tile to find the replacement tile that you need? Watch this video with Chippy:

Bottom line: If you have vintage tile and need some replacement tile — you are going to need to send her a sample. There are just way too many vintage colors to match any other way.

How to reach World of Tile: Click here for their website.

Another interesting story: When I visited World of Tile, Chippy and I got to talking about pink bathrooms, of course. She quickly chimed in that there was no “single pink” in the way back hey day — there were many many pinks. And she said that World of Tile carries as least 20 different colors of pink replacement tiles. Update: On my second visit, I counted 95 vintage pink tile colors! So, yes, if you are going to try to match — get ready to send a sample.

World of Tile has Even More Stuff — See all my stories here! 

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  1. says

    “When I go to heaven, my heaven will be a great big World of Tile with every tile ever.” Hee hee – that’s going to be awesome!!!!!!!

  2. says

    Looks like a fun place. I wish they had one on the west coast by me too. I’m keeping tile ideas in mind for when I re-tile by bathroom. I have quite a few other projects I’d like to finish in the meantime though.

  3. Elaine says

    O boy! If they have my grey speckle tile I am going to be in 7th heaven. No sample to send, yet, but work will start some time this summer.

  4. JC says

    Pam, we are buying a 1961 home from the original owners, and I was very happy to see that the bathrooms were vintage. The mustard and burgundy tiles in one bathroom made me very happy. Yellow sink, toilet and tub… I need to get a replacement yellow toilet seat and a spiffy new window cover, then it will be perfect! :)

    • pam kueber says

      Yay, JC — I GOTTA see your mustard and burgundy bathroom!!! Contact me via Contact when you are in, okay? Hey, check out our Bathroom/Toilets category — lots of toilet seat info there. We are Vintage Color Toilet Seat Central!

  5. Bruce Heffner says

    Pam what about Pink and Green bathrooms like mine?
    My bathroom has pink fixtures and green Miraplas tiles.
    I need some replacements(tiles) of course and wondered if
    any are still around? Never should have put a shower in the
    bathroom either as it does a number on theses tiles and their
    sealers! I do like the two colors together!

    • Val says

      Did you find the green Miraplas tile that you were looking for? I am removing it from my 50′s bathroom. It is in very good shape. Thank you!

      • Bruce Heffner says

        No I have’nt found any as of yet. If you have some I could sure use some spares! Could you send some pictures possibly? What are you changing the bathroom to by the way? Thanx for responding! Bruce

          • Bruce Heffner says

            Pam I looked at the “forum” and am confused how it works. Can I or you just give the person that has the green tiles my e-mail address so I won’t miss out on those tiles? Thanx Bruce

            • pam kueber says

              Bruce, I can’t get in the middle of such deals or I’d be doin’ it all day… All buying/selling needs to go onto the Forum, where there are instructions.

              • Bruce Heffner says

                Thanx Pam I understand. I’ll try it again and how it goes! Please spread the word I still need some of those green plastic tiles for
                replacement! If anyone wants to e-mail me my address is; gokomets@hotmail.com thanx again, Bruce

      • Bruce Heffner says

        Val I have’nt heard back yet from you and was wondering if you got my message that I still need some of those green tiles?
        Thanx Bruce

  6. Matt McWhirr says

    I had been searching for well over a year for Romany pink bathroom tile, but could not find an exact match…until I visited World of Tile, which I discovered on this website. Not only did they know the exact color and manufacturer, but also when it was produced. Even better, they had plenty in stock. Of course, I bought more than I needed, just in case.

  7. Kim Vawter says

    I need to replace some yellow tile from a 50′s bathroom that was done up in yellow with black trim. Can I mail you a chip to match up? Where can I mail it? I may need about a dozen.
    Thank you

  8. Nancee Kioudjian says

    doing a bathroom remodel and I have pink bathroom tile with rust ish color trim pieces that are being taken out. Any suggestions on who might buy them?

  9. Kristen N says

    There is an older tile company called Susman Linoleum & Rug Co in Waukegan, IL. They have a website but do not have any of the NOS listed that they have hiding in the back of their warehouse! I discovered a few different shades of pink, blue, green and yellow! They also had what I can best describe as a “popped bubble” tile as well as some speckled. There were several rolls of cool linoleum patterns and I even spotted a giant roll of orange and yellow shag carpeting! Their quantities are limited, but If you are anywhere near the area, it might be worth your while to check it out! We bought an entire box of vintage aqua blue tile for 20 bucks!

  10. Ruben Estremera says

    I need to buy tiles 4″ and a quarter x 4″ and a quarter. The color is pink clear and it is used on the wall of a bathroom. These tiles was used betwee the decades of the 1960s and the 1970s. Please tell me if you have this tile or if there is any way to get it. Thank you.

  11. Kim Vawter says

    I do not visit this site too often and I do not want to compete with commercial tile companies but my local flooring place made me buy a whole box of my yellow tile to replace one or two–( I only needed one!)
    So I have extras. My house was built in 1949 and one bathroom still has original tub, toilet and sink–the one with the built in spout.

  12. Kim Vawter says

    “Too soon old and too late smart”–Thanks for the tip about Craig’s list and World of Tile. As long as I live here, I will try to maintain this wonderful old tile bathroom and keep it in the character of this old house. BTW I did see another late 40′s yellow toilet the other day on a TV commercial. I enjoyed seeing all the old brightly colored and curiously sculptural porcelain fixtures featured in the commercial. (Never could recall what they were actually selling.)

  13. Kim Vawter says

    Hello Pam,
    Vintage Color Toilet Seats? I have only to find a nice yellow one to complete the “look” of my yellow tile bath. I was considering painting a good sturdy white wooden seat in glossy enamel. I would hate to have the paint bubble off–maybe I should op out of the “DIY” and save for a nice one.

    • pam kueber says

      We have several stories about where to find toilet seats in many colors – some spendy, some not. See Bathrooms / Toilets category.

  14. kim says

    Yes–I will have to keep looking. I am not a fan of the plastic seats. I really prefer the heavier wood construction with the chrome trims.
    Thank you!

  15. .ivy says

    THANK YOU. We had some painful plumbing repairs in our 1964 bathroom and lost a dozen of the (original) tiles. It’s a speckled robin’s egg blue that we never thought we’d find. After having zero luck online or at local places, I called World of Tile based on this post of yours. They had our tile. 30 of them!!! We wanted them all but ended up buying 20. The tile is vintage 1940s and is not cheap, but our shower has been repaired and it looks amazing! Chippy at WOT was so great. She was just as excited as we were when they found the tile!

  16. says

    I am looking for only 4 pieces of a 4-inch x 4-inch yellow bathroom tile. Is there someplace that I can email a Pantone Color Chart number to find the best match possible?

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