• Tinselmania: 73 vintage aluminum Christmas trees

    aluminum christmas treeWell, I’m just having a party analyzing all the retro Christmas decorations that readers have uploaded.  How about this one: A special slide show of all 62 73 aluminum Christmas trees. Mini, small, medium, large… Found at the Goodwill, in Aunt Bertha’s attic, or on ebay… Decorated with vintage ornaments, elves, Barbies — even pickles. Above: Steve Conley says his aluminum tree is in the kitchen. Of course, that fireplace, yum, too. Nice photo, Steve, got ya on the homepage. :)

    Pom Pom aluminum Christmas treePom Pom seems to have been the big-name manufacturer of aluminum Christmas trees back in the day. Above: Steve got his Pom Pom from his aunt. I own a Pom Pom, too — a Pom Pom for Pam, tee hee — found at an estate sale in Pittsfield a few years back.  I remember the Bingo! moment well. Other names in aluminum trees, which I spotted in your uploads seem to have been Peco, Revlis, Evergleam, Spiral Lit, Raco (Australia). And don’t forget the color wheels — although working vintage models seem to be more elusive finds. Click on through to see all 62 73 –>

    Aluminum Christmas tree slide show:

    To see the slide show, click on the thumbnail, it will enlarge, then use the arrows just below to move forward or back. You can start or stop the show from any slide.
    And safety tip: No electric lights in aluminum trees, plees.
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    1. I remember coming home from school to a fountain aluminum tree with a color wheel in a rotating musical stand in the ealry 60′s. Our mother worked at the Aluminum Specialty Co. She was so proud of that tree. Us kids hated it! We would lie on the floor and stare at the patterns the reflecting light would create on the ceiling. Now it seems I can’t keep them in the house! It seems our kids really enjoy the Retro trees.

    2. I have two tinsel trees, the one featured in this video of some of my vintage Christmas stuffed belonged to my dear Aunt Mary. She was the height of cool, back in the day, and the envy of all for always having the trendiest stuff. Her Pom Pom tree was definitely that in 1962: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3_cEVnG42c&list=UUJDCkPZw8xj3S2gb171rkPw&index=4&feature=plcp

      • Just want to add that if you love these wonderful trees you should expect to pay the most not for the tree, nor for the color wheel, but for a working rotating tree stand in good condition. If you wish to collect on the premium level, look for a musical stand or an unusual color wheel, and Pam is (as always) correct: the Pom Pom was and remains the premo tree . Haunt eBay for all. The rarest to find are the really tall trees–over 7′. They will set you back a tad but if you have a ceiling high enough they are *spectacular*! And a very aluminum Christmas to all …..

    3. I have to disagree about the value of revolving stands, anyway, for smaller trees. I sold one and only got about $10 out of it.

    4. How can I post a photo of my tree?

    5. Laurie Blair says:

      We lived with my aunt and uncle until I was 9 and my brother 14 – that was 1965. They had an aluminum tree, silver, with a color wheel that played “Silent Night” very rapidly. We all thought that tree was the cat’s meow, and when we moved they gave it to us to take along. We couldn’t wait to dig it out of the attic and assemble it at Christmas. Naturally, the ornaments were vintage. :-) Eventually the color wheel deteriorated, but we used the tree every year right up until it became more manageable for my parents to have a small tabletop tree. Sadly the ornaments were destroyed by racoons who got in the attic, and THEN I FOUND OUT MY FATHER HAD TAKEN THE TREE TO THE DUMP. It was still in pretty good shape, too. I could cry. But we have lots of photos and lots of wonderful memories of Christmas with our aluminum tree…and that’s what matters!!

    6. I love that aluminum shiny look we had one growing up and I was fascinated how reflective the lights were off the tree. I found a clor wheel a few years back at a flea market in the high Sierra Nevada desert. It was 2 dollars. I couldn’t get my wallet out fast enough. No rust like new the desert is a great place to find metal treasures.

    7. I was hoping to see troysf’s beautiful vintage tree.

    8. Becky from Iowa says:

      Hey! I have a tree this year! Re-open the Uploader, please! Pretty please?

    9. Any way to add my tree to your gallery? It’s a 1960s Pom Pom Sparkler with a vintage color wheel.

    10. Love these trees. You can find colorful alternatives made today from Treetopia. I’ve had my eye on an orange one for the porch of my pink & purple house. And a fluffy pink one for inside. Sigh, but I have to decide what to get rid of to make space in the basement for off-season storage. Another dream bubble burst by my problem with retro hoarding (and crafts, and tools, and other useful things)


    11. Oh my !! My Grandparents had an 8 foot aluminium tree well into the 1970′s……they had the color wheel, and a ton of the large primary colored plastic ornaments (stars, bells and reindeer) I still have some of the plastic ornaments packed away.
      The tree sat packed away in the attic for years, when I asked my grandmother if I could have it she told me that my grandfather had taken it out to the curb the previous year, and darned if it was not gone within 5 minutes……she could not understand why someone would have taken it as she never really cared for it…….

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