Red and white checkerboard floor — where to find it

red and white checkerboard floorHere is a flooring question that keeps coming up:

Where can I buy a red-and-white checkerboard floor?

While I know of at least three suppliers of black-and-white checkerboard flooring that comes in big, wide one-piece vinyl sheets, the only way I know to do red-and-white checkerboard is to use individual tiles. In the photo above, reader Donna used Marmoleum tile — linoleum — to create the red-and-white checker board kitchen floor in her delightful 1965 kitchen. She edged it in charcoal linoleum. A second choice for resilient squares is vinyl composite tile from places like Armstrong — a very inexpensive solution. And, you have actual ceramic tile, arranged in checkerboards, as an option, too. One of the advantages of the black-and-white checkerboards on wide vinyl sheets is that, among the options, there are a variety of different sized squares. With the linoleum or vinyl tiles required for red-and-white, you are limited to 12″ squares, as far as I know. Back in the day, linoleum and vinyl squares were most often 9″, as far as I know. You can get this look for resilient tiles — but talk about work, I think you have to buy sheet flooring, then take it to a special water-cutting company to have it cut neatly into smaller squares.

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  1. teardown townie says

    I just came across this red and white checkerboard sheet vinyl:

    Almeria 515
    Bubblegum and Liquorice Collection
    Avenue of Styles
    IVC Group

    Click on “complete collection”

    Looks like it’s only available in the UK , though. I wonder if there would be a way to get it here?

  2. Connie Evans says

    Can you help me with locating vinyl flooring green and white checker board! I’ve found a ton of black/white!
    Thank….deparatlly looking!

    • pam kueber says

      I don’t know of a sheet flooring with this pattern. However, you could make it with 12″ squares of either VCT or linoleum. Good luck.

  3. Deziree says

    I was going to go with a green and cream checkerboard in my kitchen but at the last minute went with a black and off white. since my walls are yellow, it just looked cleaner. Anyway, I found mine through home depot. You have to special order them but they had a couple of really pretty sagey green colors, my problem is that I didn’t want the cream to come off as “flesh” tone and I couldn’t find a cream that didn’t appear that way to me. I ended up with black and mint masquerade vinyl composite tiles which looks almost creamy but not fleshy in the least bit. I am SO happy with it. We ended up doing about 180 sq ft in our kitchen and spent about $300 for everything. Very happy I went this route!! Good luck!

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