Red and white checkerboard floor — where to find it

red and white checkerboard floorHere is a flooring question that keeps coming up:

Where can I buy a red-and-white checkerboard floor?

While I know of at least three suppliers of black-and-white checkerboard flooring that comes in big, wide one-piece vinyl sheets, the only way I know to do red-and-white checkerboard is to use individual tiles. In the photo above, reader Donna used Marmoleum tile — linoleum — to create the red-and-white checker board kitchen floor in her delightful 1965 kitchen. She edged it in charcoal linoleum. A second choice for resilient squares is vinyl composite tile from places like Armstrong — a very inexpensive solution. And, you have actual ceramic tile, arranged in checkerboards, as an option, too. One of the advantages of the black-and-white checkerboards on wide vinyl sheets is that, among the options, there are a variety of different sized squares. With the linoleum or vinyl tiles required for red-and-white, you are limited to 12″ squares, as far as I know. Back in the day, linoleum and vinyl squares were most often 9″, as far as I know. You can get this look for resilient tiles — but talk about work, I think you have to buy sheet flooring, then take it to a special water-cutting company to have it cut neatly into smaller squares.


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  1. says

    Hi Pam,
    LOVE your blog! Why am I having troubles finding out who wins the giveaways? The vintage bulb wreath is my favorite prize every year 🙂 One of these years, maybe I’ll win!

    • pam kueber says

      Kimberj, Usually I post the name of the winner as an update to the original giveaway story. Or, at least I try. Sometimes I’m on to next things…

      • Arleen M says

        What type of wood are those kitchen cabinets that are in the first photo regarding the red and white checkerboard floor?

  2. Atomichipster says

    If you are looking for Marmoleum like in the picture you need to find a flooring store that carries Forbo Marloleum(Linoleum) tiles.

  3. says

    I used the Armstrong vinyl tiles in my last house. They are really inexpensive and they were easy to install. They looked great when I put the shiny floor stuff on them, but it was hard to keep them looking that way. I don’t think I’d use them again–would probably try Marmoleum next time.

  4. Jordanna says

    I love checkerboard floors (though had not ever considered red) Armstrong has a line called “Marmorette” that is REAL linoleum tiles, the bio-degradable not-vinyl stuff, and a colour called Firebird.

    No white to alternate with though. Sort of a letdown.

    I had thought I had been totally settled and decided on a black/white floor though and now you have me thinking of options again. Green and white? Could be cute. Oh no, marmoleum comes in some really cute greens!

    How freakin’ cute are some of the pink VCTs Armstrong files under “red” though?! I shouldn’t have looked, I’ll never be allowed a kitchen floor that’s 50% pink tiles no matter how neutral the grey or white with them is.

    • pam kueber says

      I did a light green and off-white checkerboard — Armstrong VCT — in my 1912 Colonial in the 1990s. It looked great.

      • Jordanna says

        I love the Armstrong VCTs in green, I loved one of your posts with them in a solid floor but I had never considered green checkerboard! Gives me a lot to think about. 🙂

        I love this site.

      • Deziree says

        Pam- do you remember exactly which color you went with for the off white? I like the little green apple color by Armstrong but am having the hardest time finding an alternate, they are either too gray or too fleshy. Also, did you put the shiny stuff on your floor as well? Thank you!

  5. TappanTrailerTami says

    I LOVE this look! Just not enough to have white on the floor again. I currently have black/white checkerboard and it is the WORST to keep looking decent – especially with kids/dogs.

    I’ll opt for something else in my kitchen when it gets remodeled…. probably something more “dirt” colored! LOL.

    • pam kueber says

      Yes, the Azrock Cortina Autumn Haze is a lovely dirt color. Don’t think that wasn’t part of my triangulating to make the decision to use it. Thanks for the reminder, T3, that I want to do a story early in 2012 about flooring that hides the dirt vs. shows it. An important topic!!

  6. Jana (Berniecat) says

    I used Armstrong vinyl tiles in my tri color (red, gold and white) kitchen floor project and they are very inexpensive and wear well. They are easy to clean and look great. In addition to the website that Joe provided, you can also order them from Lowes. They have samples of all of the colors and patterns and will special order them for you and then let you know when they come in to the store. I didn’t have to pay any shipping because I went and picked them up myself.

  7. Trip H says

    Just ordered some samples of the Biobased tiles, which states:
    EQ Credit 4.3 – Low-emitting Materials
    MR Credit 4.0 – Recycled Content
    MR Credit 5.0 – Regional Materials – depends on project location
    MR Credit 6.0 – Rapidly Renewable Resources

    Found the 2 colors to do my kitchen floor in and hoping the price will not be too much.

  8. Nadine says

    The house I grew up in had a red & cream (?) checkerboard kitchen floor. I hadn’t thought about that in a while.

    • Shea Ingram says

      My kitchen had red/cream tiles in the kitchen, too. I found 2 big pieces in the hall closets so I have real time examples of the color. The cream has yellowed with time I am sure, but even as is it is so pretty. I am looking for a company that offers these or similar colors. Anyone have ideas?

      • pam kueber says

        linoleum tiles? try marmoleum, armstrong and johnsonite, who all still make true linoleum. armstrong and other companies also make vinyl tiles in similar colorways; vinyl is much less expensive.

  9. teardown townie says

    I just came across this red and white checkerboard sheet vinyl:

    Almeria 515
    Bubblegum and Liquorice Collection
    Avenue of Styles
    IVC Group

    Click on “complete collection”

    Looks like it’s only available in the UK , though. I wonder if there would be a way to get it here?

  10. Connie Evans says

    Can you help me with locating vinyl flooring green and white checker board! I’ve found a ton of black/white!
    Thank….deparatlly looking!

    • pam kueber says

      I don’t know of a sheet flooring with this pattern. However, you could make it with 12″ squares of either VCT or linoleum. Good luck.

  11. Deziree says

    I was going to go with a green and cream checkerboard in my kitchen but at the last minute went with a black and off white. since my walls are yellow, it just looked cleaner. Anyway, I found mine through home depot. You have to special order them but they had a couple of really pretty sagey green colors, my problem is that I didn’t want the cream to come off as “flesh” tone and I couldn’t find a cream that didn’t appear that way to me. I ended up with black and mint masquerade vinyl composite tiles which looks almost creamy but not fleshy in the least bit. I am SO happy with it. We ended up doing about 180 sq ft in our kitchen and spent about $300 for everything. Very happy I went this route!! Good luck!

    • pam kueber says

      janet, we do not sell anything here. refer to the sources profiled in the story and also check the comments – readers made suggestions

  12. Donna says

    Be careful if you are going the vinyl sheet route. I just finished my new kitchen done in sage green and black and white check. My vinyl SHEET flooring is now rippling up and showing seams of the subfloor below. The installer said that the vinyl sheet goods will do that on any floor. Kinda sounds like a “SPIN” to me. He wants me to change my floor pattern and that will ruin my whole kitchen. I’m not researching where to get black and white check tiles instead of sheet goods. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!!!

    • pam kueber says

      I am not an expert on this. Perhaps it would be wise for you to talk to another installer; seems like “subfloor preparation” is crucial. I tend to think there are products to help with this…

  13. Laura says

    doing a retro flip house.
    vct too labor intensive and was thinking gray and white vinyl sheet instead of black and white . a little softer i thought.
    cant find it anywhere!
    I think manufactures should make the sheet vinyl in red, green, gray ect…. they are missing out on a whole catagory of people who
    dont want stone/ everything!!

    anyone seen colored check vinyl besides black???

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