Vintage bathroom sconce lighting — NOS

Are you looking for vintage bathroom sconces — for two bathrooms? Here’s a chance to get matchy matchy New Old Stock (NOS) shades. I am guessing it would be pretty easy to find the chrome bases for these. More great midcentury modern NOS lighting in this carousel… along with cute needlepoint pillows and the like. [ebay link no longer working – this item long gone, most likely].

Tip: If you are looking for vintage lighting, watch ebay like a hawk. It’s not hard to find, at all. Have the wiring checked by a pro!


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  1. Lorraine Jolly says

    I hate to admit I find these very attractive/sexy would almost buy without a specific project planned for them!

  2. says

    The Ace hardware by us still had some of those on their shelves a year or so ago. Sadly they are all gone now but I got my hands on one which is all I needed.

    • pam kueber says

      WOW! Yes: Check out basic hardware stores that have been around “forever.” Sometimes they just let stuff sit out, til it’s sold, even if that means for 50 years!

  3. Lissie says

    Found several matched sets of these at the ReStore today. (San Bernardino, CA) One had an atomic looking design. I had to pass up, since I don’t own a house (duh!) – but it was very tempting!

      • Lissie says

        Really? Even w/o any hardware – just the glass part? Maybe I should do some research and go back for them. You’re not helping with my vintage hoarding habit!!

      • Lissie says

        Went back today and it was still there!! It has no hardware, but I bought one that does too and I think I can use the hardware from it. 🙂

  4. says

    Digging through the archives for some inspiration for a new bathroom we really need to put in and I was quite tickled to find these! We have the very same lights in our downstairs bath.

  5. Tom C. says

    Hello – my wife & I just bought a mid-century home that we are restoring. I’m desperately trying to find light covers like this for a bathroom but it currently seems to be slim pickings online (Etsy, eBay, etc). Do you have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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