Gold sparkle kitchen counter top: All mine after years of searching!

pam with her gold glitter laminatepams office remodelOn Saturday, I went trolling around for treasures. I stopped at the new Re-Store in Pittsfield. Usual story: I found a light for $10, a 4-switch vintage wallplate for 25 cents, and just as I was about wrap it up, I spotted the real treasure: 80 inches of gold sparkle laminate, kind of hidden under a pile of wall cabinets among a used kitchen cabinet set. Happy dance. It’s in excellent shape, barely needs a cleaning. It’s 20″ deep — perfect for what I have in mind for the window wall in my office remodel.  It cost just $8, and it even fit in the car once we put the seats down, no return trip with the Ranger required.

gold sparkle laminateI actually had a run-in with sparkle laminate just an hour earlier. During my troll, I had first stopped at Scott’s on East Street, to see what was new in flooring and tile. Yes, you can see kitchen and bathroom tile and flooring on the internet, but it’s not like seeing the actual product samples in person.

As the very last minute, I wandered back to the kitchen section at Scott’s, for a quick look at the laminate. Crikey, I got really excited when I saw the White Sequin Formica on a ring. DID FORMICA RE-INTRODUCE IT WITHOUT TELLING ME? Alas. No. The kitchen designer said that the ring was old. And she gave it to me. I think it might be from around 1994, there’s a patent or copyright date on one of the chips.

gold sparkle laminate

Added: Here is a close up of MY gold sparkle laminate.

Note, though, my counter top from the ReStore is not Formica White Sequin. I compared the two, and my laminate has additional colors of sparkles. I am going to guess Textolite — because Pittsfield was a GE town and Textolite was made by GE. But who knows.

READ THIS, gold sparkle laminate-wanters:

No, you cannot buy gold sparkle laminate new anywhere from anyone. Not in the western world, as far as I know.

But if you go trolling regularly… and you keep your eyes peeled… you can still find it vintage, maybe.

Na na na na na na. I have a gold sparkle laminate kitchen counter.

P.S. Sparkly dress worthy of sparkly counter top is NOS vintage from an estate sale at a nearby Lenox mansion. It has the original $125 sales tag still hanging from the sleeve (can you see it) — Truly Expensive way back when. I think I paid $5 or so. I am pretty proud of my treasure-hunting skills, these days, can’t ya tell.

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  1. Dawn says

    That is my EXACT counter top in my kitchen, which is actually in decent shape. Several stains and a cigarette burn though makes me want to replace them soon…

  2. Amanda says

    I have some similar looking sparkle laminate in my blue bathroom. And I also have a vintage kitchen table with sparkle laminate. Overall, the laminate is in OK shape. But do you have any suggestions on ways to restore or seal it? Right now the laminate finish is somewhat matte and you can see when light hits it at certain angles that there are some areas where whatever sealer has come off. Can I use just any old sealer or is there something special I should be using?

  3. Kat says

    I grew up with this Formica in the knotty pine kitchen of my parents’ 1964 raised ranch! The only bummer is it’s not heat resistant. It’s beautiful though, and to this day I’d love to have this on my counters.

  4. Hillary says

    Oh my goodness! Congratulations! When we moved into our first house there was a single (homemade) cabinet next to the stove that had gold sparkle laminate on the top of it. The rest of the kitchen was steel and it was the only wood piece (plus it was extra-extra-deep) so I am pretty sure the homeowner built it. It was my FAVORITE place to cook. So cheerful, elegant, and practical (when do you get all three of those things at once?). I miss that countertop so much!

  5. Charmaine says

    I have a very large turquoise blue with gold sparkle counter top in my main bathroom! I didn’t know this type of counter top was so desired! I find it very retro in my mid-century house!

  6. Beth C says

    I have a gold sparkle countertop in the bathroom of our 1969 ranch..LOVE it!! When we bought the house, the bathroom had all original features, including white tile with gold accents and white wallpaper with gold starbursts. Sadly, the wallpaper did not make it, 40 years of humidity did it in. But the rest of the sparkles will stay! Enjoy your new find!

  7. George says

    Moved back into the family home which still has the gold sparkle Formica counter and backsplash. Still holding up well even with lots of dinners, parties, coloring Easter eggs, making sauces that stained, and accidently leaving jars with sticky inky price labels on the bottom which would stain the Formica, but luckily could remove the stains. Would never ever trade it for the the overdone, pedestrian and soon to be passe granite. Love the sparkle!

  8. Susan Rolfsmeier says

    I have a bathroom with gold sparkly laminate walls just like your countertop. I wanted to decorate to complement this, but of course when I look up anything like this, what I find is that people want to get rid of the stuff. Since it reminds me of my childhood kitchen table, and is water resistant, I’m reluctant to change it, even though it looks like almost like an old ship cabin. Any ideas on how to complement the sparkle?

  9. Joe Felice says

    This was probably the single, most-popular laminate for counter tops back then. I think we all must have it in one of our houses at some point. But when they started putting sparkles in the acoustic-ciling spray, it got to be a bit much.

  10. says

    “No, you cannot buy gold sparkle laminate new anywhere from anyone. Not in the western world, as far as I know.”

    Does anyone know why this is the case? There seems to be a decent level of demand for this product. You can get laminate in thousands of colors and designs, some companies have or are reintroducing retro designs.. but not the gold sparkle. Is there something about the production process or price? I mean it isn’t real gold. Although if it is this hard to find…

    • pam kueber says

      I may be updating shortly. I have more info on the “why”. And I think I may have found some in the western world. But not in the U.S.

  11. says

    I recently bought a house with a vintage kitchen that is covered in paint, including the counters (Rustoleum countertop paint). The paint started to peel in a spot and it turns out that underneath is an aqua/blue Formica counter with gold flecks.

    Do you have any advice for removing the rustoleum without damaging the original counter?

      • says

        Thanks! After being inspired by your site and spending all afternoon looking at your posts, I also pulled up a corner of the carpet and discovered a (very yellowed) blue/white/aqua mosaic linoleum too. I am going to have to do before/after pics. Thanks for the inspiration!! :)

  12. Eliza says

    Hey Pam.I need some of your expertise! My kitchen flooded. (Water heater was in attic!). All kitchen is now gone. I have some pics of my great 50′s kitchen. We’re about to begin the redo and I want it just like it was. I need to know what kind of countertop I had. Again: I have pictures. Can you help me, please? Thank you so very much!

  13. says

    We had this in my childhood home, and I WANT IT, WANT IT, WANT IT. :( I remember my dad had even fixed a board to match (maybe with matching contact paper if that exists) that my mom put over the stove for more counterspace at parties, and I just thought he was so smart for it.

  14. says

    I am renovating a 1966 rancher in south Carolina and while I’m a fan of keeping some of the original details I don’t want the place to look like a time capsule. I am probably going to pull out a small piece of this from the master bath ith a white sink with th metal rim and it out. Not sure if anyone might be interested in it when the time comes!

  15. says

    Hi Pam,
    We just moved into a house with the gold sparkle laminate on the walls in the kitchen! It is in great shape and we love it. The countertop however is a white laminate probably from the 1980s that we want desperately to remove (our coffee and wine stains are too much for it). We’re trying to figure out what to replace with and what colors. The cabinets are original wood, painted white. Any suggestions for what might look good with this? Looking at silestone and corian but open to other suggestions! The new colorful formica patterns clashed a bit too much.

  16. says

    Mine is up for grabs in Erving, MA. Somebody come take it out! It is U-shaped, a good 10 ft long with sink in the middle, with short arms wide enough for the dishwasher. I can give you measurements.

  17. DonnR says

    I recently ran across a shaped piece of white/gold fleck laminate from a local antique store. If not the same it is a very close cousin to Pam’s 80″ find.
    It measures 15″ x 18.75″ and has rounded corners. The unusual part is the fact it’s double sided, someone must have glued two pieces back-to-back. I’m wondering if they could have come from holes cut for a sink and were scraps. I see this happeneing with modern stone/solid surfacing and the home owner uses the scrap piece as a cutting board….but that’s all supposition.
    In any event, it’s now sitting ON TOP of my 1980s counter (with oak edging, bleah) in an otherwise 1961 house.

  18. Catherine says

    We have one long countertop that is gold sparkle, unfortunately it has a few decent scratches and is missing the end cover piece. When the last owners updated the sink area I guess they couldn’t match the sparkle, its sort of a gold swirl. I was going to try to match it, but after reading the blogs realize it probably won’t happen. We are building a new/old house (new construction, lots of old stuff!) and are doing a 50′s/60′s kitchen, my grandmothers 50′s O’Keefe and Merritt range, original metal cabinets, and a just purchased yellow “cracked ice” 4 seater kitchen table. Sure wish we could get the gold fleck but we’ll find something to match. thanks for the great blog!

  19. Wendy says

    I’m sorry to learn that the gold sparkle laminate is no longer made. My 1961 ranch has pink sparkle kitchen countertops, a yellow sparkle counter in the main bathroom, and white sparkle top on a built-in vanity in the master bedroom. It’s a bit worn, perhaps, but I am NOT getting rid of it!

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