Broyhill Brasilia and Sculptra — pictures from a vintage furniture catalog

Broyhill_Sculptra-living roomOur recent post, Vintage furniture — 10 of our favorite midcentury designs and brands inspired Pam to contact  Furniture Brands — the folks who produce some of our favorite longtime furniture brand names, including Broyhill, Lane, Drexel Heritage — to see if they had any archived catalogs to share with us vintage furniture loving folks. Sure enough, Lisa Hanly, Vice President, Corporate Communications and Public Relations, was super receptive and was kind enough to dig through the archives for us. Her first find: These great catalog pages showcasing Broyhill Brasilia and Sculptra furniture. It’s great to see more of these beautiful designs in their native midcentury catalog habitats.

Broyhill Brasilia



Look at this giant master bedroom filled to the brim with Broyhill Brasilia pieces — including a king size headboard. It’s interesting to see how well the bold colors — in this case, red — coordinate with the lines of this furniture design.


Above: The front page of this vintage catalog shows photos of the inspiration for the Brasilia line — the unusual and characteristic architecture found in the city of Brasilia itself in Brazil. Fun fact: Pam has been to Brasilia. In around 1987 — on a business trip to visit Ford operations in South America. She said, “I remember pretty clearly driving into the city. I knew this was a special place. But… I was way too young to truly appreciate it.”

Broyhill_Brasilia-breakfront deckThe catalog pages showcase some interesting pieces from the Brasilia dining and living room furniture collection.


I have this buffet base — with the top hutch piece in my dining room! For sure, this is one of our Hall of Fame vintage furniture designs.

Broyhill_Brasilia-dining set

That’s a pretty cool dining set.



Broyhill-Brasilia-tablesI had no idea the Brasilia collection had such an array of coffee and end tables.

Broyhill-Brasilia-commodeThe Broyhill Brasilia commode above is one of my favorites — I think it was originally meant to go in the living room, but I have two of them that I use as nightstands. I like the enclosed storage they provide.

Broyhill Sculptra



This Broyhill Sculptra bedroom set looks a little less extravagant than the Brasilia setup — oh how I’d love to get my hands on the long dresser and mirror for this set.


Broyhill_Sculptra-triple dresser

There are two variations of the Broyhill Sculptra triple dresser — I’m partial to the one above — with the paneled doors in the center.

Broyhill_Sculptra-double dresserThis Broyhill Sculptra double dresser is smaller than the triple dresser — a size that may be very appealing to folks with smaller bedrooms.


Broyhill-Sculptra-Magna-DresserI have a soft spot for the Broyhill Sculptra Magna dresser because it was the first retro dresser I scored on Craigslist — and let me tell ya — this guy really holds a lot.

Broyhill_Sculptra-cocktail tableThere is a wide array of Broyhill Sculptra coffee and side tables to choose from.

Broyhill Sculptra lamp table

Sculptra-cigarette-tableThis has to be a woddity — a Broyhill Sculptra cigarette table. I had no idea such a thing existed — a special table for cigarettes? Surely a sign of the times.

SeeAllOurVintageCatalogsSMALLMega thanks to Lisa for taking the time to look through the archives to unearth these catalog pages to share with our Retro Renovation Nation. :)

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  1. CarolK says

    We have my in-laws vintage Spectra sideboard. I have offered it to my daughter for their new house, but I think it might be too large for their dining room. I will keep it or at least keep it in the family. We used to have the table and chairs, too, IIRC, but they needed to be refurbished and repaired. I don’t know why we didn’t repair them. Drat!

  2. ConnieM says

    I am remodeling a lake house using several Sculptra pieces my parents had. I am actively looking for a queen headboard if anyone hears of one or has one for sale. Thanks!

    • Carolyn says

      Hi Connie,

      I also just inherited my parent’s Sculptra bedroom set. They had the full-size headboard, but when they purchased a queen bed, they just attached the headboard to the wall, instead of the bed frame, and no one could tell it wasn’t a queen. I will do the same.

  3. Steve C says

    We have a complete bedroom set of the Broyhill Sculptra. It includes the magna dresser (6090-21), triple dresser (6090-30) mirror (6090-25, a night stand, and a headboard. I don’t have the model numbers for the nightstand and headboard. Where is the best place to sell these?

  4. donna says

    I would like to purchase a queen bed frame and chest of drawers for a man…a already have the king suite and dining room…mine are not the same but are the design…not sure what year mom purchased.. maybe in the early 60’s

  5. Pam C says

    My husband brought home a Brasilia triple dresser, the long 72 inch one, from the thrift store for $50 because he liked the way it looked. He had no idea what he had. Two weeks later we found a Sculptra triple dresser and two mirrors for $80 at the same thrift store! At first I thought I’d sell all of it, but after having them in the house and rubbing them down with Howard’s restore a finish, and reading of all the desire for these pieces, I just don’t know if I can part with them. They do have a special magnetic charm about them.

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