217 vintage dinette sets in reader kitchens

vintage dinettesWhen I wrote an ode to kitchen tables a while back, we had a dinette uploader — but that was three+ years ago — and the blog has a gazillion more readers now. So let’s see what ya got, folks! The first uploader of the year is ON — take some photos and upload them this weekend. We’ll follow up by spotlighting 10-12 of your dinette sets next week. It’s super easy to contribute a photo — read on –>

Uploader is closed — thanks for playing!

Tips to view slide show: Click on first image… it will enlarge and you can also read my captions… move forward or back via arrows below the photo… you can start or stop at any image:



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  1. Sara says

    Wow, I am just dying here! My 1950 house originally had space for a dinette table in the kitchen, but the previous owners re-oriented the front door and took out the wall between the kitchen and living room to create a great-room effect, which makes it impossible to put a dinette in the kitchen because now the front door is there. I get the whole great room concept, but I wish they had left the design alone. I would be seaching high and low for one of these fabulous sets if I had a spot for it and I can just imagine how darling my kitchen looked 50 years ago when there was most certainly a set like this in the house!

  2. Cherry Noire says

    These are all amazing, thanks for sharing. Iove looking at them all.

    I’m a college student and rent a large room. I don’t need a kitchen table, but I do need a table in my room to serve as my desk and my own little crafting/eating area. I think a smaller dinette table would be perfect, I’m going to look for one now! I don’t even need it to have 4 chairs, maybe I’ll get lucky and find one for cheap. I’ll have to try and save up for it. 🙂

  3. Diana of Mt. Lebanon says

    These are great. I showed this uploader to my husband who also enjoyed the images, and he pointed out that before the Internet, none of us would have been able to see all of these amazing sets from all over the place. So, I just want to say thanks to Pam and thanks to the geniuses who invented the Internet :-).

  4. says

    LOVE all of these tables! I have a 1950’s white and red table, but it came without chairs, Pam do you know where I can find white, red, white and red chairs…ANYWHERE? I have been looking and looking and I can’t find anything!

    • Janet in CT says

      Cristina, my set came from an antique shop. As mentioned before, second hand shops, antique and junk shops, consignment stores, ebay and best of all craigslist, all sell these dinettes. If you look to the right, there are some links including one for “Steel cabinet forum”. It is broken down further into companies and there is another short list for kitchen stuff, bathroom stuff, and other stuff. I scan craiglist frequently and when I see something interesting, I post a link there. Usually it is for kitchen cabinets or appliances, but I do see some furniture and bathroom of interest that I add also. I haven’t yet, but I should start to look for dinettes and chairs! Since the chairs broke and were far less durable than the tables, they are probably less often seen or found in sets. But I will start posting them if I see them so check the Kitchen Stuff once in awhile. I live in the northeast but I check all over for anything I find that I would like myself!

  5. says

    Robert in Portland, that gray and chartreuse set is fabulous!! I love these uploader weekends but, sadly, have nothing to contribute this week. Our dinette is not-so vintage IKEA 😉 My mother-in-law has a fantastic set just sitting in her basement that she bought from a restaurant that was closing. Sadly, it’s just sitting there because my father-in-law didn’t like it in the slightest. I keep encouraging her to sell it to someone that will love it and use it every day. It makes me sad to see it languish like that. I would take it but it doesn’t really “go” with my house.

  6. Jay says

    Just had the opportunity to view the show. Wow! Reminds me of growing up in a 20s rowhouse in the 60’s. Every kitchen on the street had some version of a formica topped table and vinyl covered chairs. The parents had all married post WWII late 40s early 50s. I remember ours as being black and white formica with black hairpin legs and six yellow vinyl chairs seats and backs. Before the advent of RTA furniture there was so much thought put into the manufacture of the most simple items – formica tables for one.

  7. kristi says

    I have a red table and chairs that have been recovered in white that I am selling. They belonged to my grandmother and I have been storing them since her death at 95 a few years back. I am now moving to a much smaller home and have to part with them. Planning to list them on Craigslist. If anyone has an interest, you can message me. I am in Asheville, NC. Due to the weight of the table, shipping would likely be astronomical, so semi local might be best. I have lots of good photos of them. The table is immaculate as my grandmother always had it covered with a table pad, and then table cloth. Chairs need new vinyl ( at least I would try to restore them back to semi original)

  8. Terrie says

    I have an old chrome leg drop leaf table with a green cracked ice top. The edge band is a curved piece of kelly green plastic that slides into a groove and this is broken and cracked – any idea where I might find something to replace this?? Thanks.

  9. phil anderson says

    Hello.I am looking to purchase some crome metal handles that attach to the top of the backrest of a early 50″s dinette chair. I saw what I”m looking for in your pictures of vintage dinette sets. That style of handle is pictured in your website photo gallery. Image 41 and 43 show a red dinette set with the closest two chairs having crome handles on the backrest.The title of the picture says red diner and the table is red with grey pattern in the center, and the chairs are red. Please let me know if I can purchase a part like them from you, or direct me to someplace where I could buy them. I am restoring my parents 50″s dinette and chairs and they got rid of the crome pieces long ago. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Phil

  10. Richard Douglass says

    Hi Pam,

    Loved the restaurant in image #42. Might you tell us the name and where it is?

    I hope you do another uploader like this next year. I’ll have my 1930s/50s retro set in the kitchen by then.

    Keep up the fabulous work!


  11. Karen says

    I am stunned by the immense variety of tables that are shown. Fell in love with more than a few of them.
    #33 – pink, black, white table and chairs- very chic
    #171 doll set – precious

    Yes, I’d like to see more of the laminate tables.

  12. joy says

    Wow what fun this was reminiscing about my childhood. Amazing that so many of those sets are still around & cared for. I didn’t see the one I grew up with though close. I saw the same tabletop but the legs were different. But I saw the correct legs on another table. Guess these styles were inter changable at the time they were new. I love the sets but I hated how the metal chair legs would dig into & rip my floor. I was constantly buying chair feet for them.( yes I took my childhood table with me when I got married, & we thought it was old embarrassing junk & couldn’t wait to replace it) which of course we did. Who knew 40 yrs ago that it would come back. I never thought Id get this old either! ha ha Thanks, now I’m going to enjoy the couches..Now those were comfortable.

  13. jewel says

    Hello I’m looking for four chrome padded kitchen chairs curved padded back colour is not important any help you can provide Doyle be appreciated
    Than,y out jewel

  14. Jackie La Rose says

    Does anybody know where I might find the hard plastic colored molding that goes between the metal parts of the edge of a vintage dinette table? I need red to match the chairs.

  15. Lila Smith says

    I have a dinette set that I didn’t see on your list if I send pictures of it can you tell me more about it I know it is vintage and that’s all.

    • pam kueber says

      Hi Lila, you can post a link to the photo if it is hosted elsewhere… Note, we are not experts on all the designs so likely can’t tell you much about it…

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