217 vintage dinette sets in reader kitchens

vintage dinettesWhen I wrote an ode to kitchen tables a while back, we had a dinette uploader — but that was three+ years ago — and the blog has a gazillion more readers now. So let’s see what ya got, folks! The first uploader of the year is ON — take some photos and upload them this weekend. We’ll follow up by spotlighting 10-12 of your dinette sets next week. It’s super easy to contribute a photo — read on –>

Uploader is closed — thanks for playing!

Tips to view slide show: Click on first image… it will enlarge and you can also read my captions… move forward or back via arrows below the photo… you can start or stop at any image:


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  1. phil anderson says

    Hello.I am looking to purchase some crome metal handles that attach to the top of the backrest of a early 50″s dinette chair. I saw what I”m looking for in your pictures of vintage dinette sets. That style of handle is pictured in your website photo gallery. Image 41 and 43 show a red dinette set with the closest two chairs having crome handles on the backrest.The title of the picture says red diner and the table is red with grey pattern in the center, and the chairs are red. Please let me know if I can purchase a part like them from you, or direct me to someplace where I could buy them. I am restoring my parents 50″s dinette and chairs and they got rid of the crome pieces long ago. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Phil

  2. Richard Douglass says

    Hi Pam,

    Loved the restaurant in image #42. Might you tell us the name and where it is?

    I hope you do another uploader like this next year. I’ll have my 1930s/50s retro set in the kitchen by then.

    Keep up the fabulous work!


  3. Karen says

    I am stunned by the immense variety of tables that are shown. Fell in love with more than a few of them.
    #33 – pink, black, white table and chairs- very chic
    #171 doll set – precious

    Yes, I’d like to see more of the laminate tables.

  4. joy says

    Wow what fun this was reminiscing about my childhood. Amazing that so many of those sets are still around & cared for. I didn’t see the one I grew up with though close. I saw the same tabletop but the legs were different. But I saw the correct legs on another table. Guess these styles were inter changable at the time they were new. I love the sets but I hated how the metal chair legs would dig into & rip my floor. I was constantly buying chair feet for them.( yes I took my childhood table with me when I got married, & we thought it was old embarrassing junk & couldn’t wait to replace it) which of course we did. Who knew 40 yrs ago that it would come back. I never thought Id get this old either! ha ha Thanks, now I’m going to enjoy the couches..Now those were comfortable.

  5. jewel says

    Hello I’m looking for four chrome padded kitchen chairs curved padded back colour is not important any help you can provide Doyle be appreciated
    Than,y out jewel

  6. Jackie La Rose says

    Does anybody know where I might find the hard plastic colored molding that goes between the metal parts of the edge of a vintage dinette table? I need red to match the chairs.

  7. Lila Smith says

    I have a dinette set that I didn’t see on your list if I send pictures of it can you tell me more about it I know it is vintage and that’s all.

    • pam kueber says

      Hi Lila, you can post a link to the photo if it is hosted elsewhere… Note, we are not experts on all the designs so likely can’t tell you much about it…

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