Brother Charger 651 vintage sewing machine

vintage-sewing-machine-brotherpams office remodelHunka hunka. Meet my new boyfriend: A Brother Charger 651 — Made in Japan, 35 pounds of serious vintage steel, in the most lovely shade of robin’s egg blue.  Actually, I have had this puppy for a while now. I bought it from Denise, who has a *thing* for saving vintage sewing machines, and had it tucked in the corner while I continued to work on setting up my work space in my big fat crazy crafty epic office remodel. The idea behind the remodel was to make my home office space more comfortable for working now that the blog is fulltime enterprise… but also to design it to accommodate my collage work. Did you know that you can sew on paper? That’s what I bought the vintage Brother for, although I might also try it to zig zag felted wool squares together into a blanked, like Crispina ffrench does. In my spare time.

Wanna see the new work triangle? Clicky through:

vintage brother charger 651 sewing machineThe sewing machine sits on a triangular Herman Miller office table that I bought at my Eco Building Bargains in Springfield, Mass. The table is on three legs with rollers. When I need to power up the vintage Brother to use it, it’s super easy to pull the table out so I can use its entire work space.

vintage brother sewing machineBack to the sewing machine: I need to find a manual.

You can see lots of photos from the rest of my office/art space here.  The entire room is just 10′ x 14′ — cozy — and easy to get my hands on everything. I am loving it! I still have more to do before the space is declared “done” — and mind you, I DO declare spaces “complete.” It’s getting close!


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  1. modupe says


    Please I need help in getting the manual for a brother sewing machine that I bought off someone, it’s an older model, and I was hoping to be able to download the manual through brother website, but I can’t seem to get the model online from any of brother websites. It’s brother De Luxe ZL-B970, please could you suggest how I can get the manual downloaded? Looking forward to your response.

    Thank you.

  2. Mark says

    I bought a Charger 661 made in Korea. Nice machine, but I prefer a walking foot with a more powerful motor. I am using a size 15 bobbin, but it seems a bit small, and the shaft hole a bit big. Normally, I would not care, but the thread keeps binding whenever I load a new bobbin.

    What size do you use?

    My next machine will probably be a Sailrite zigzag walking foot, unless I settle down and do not have to be mobile. Then I will go to craigslist and buy a Consew 206RB or similar.

  3. Barb Chewning says

    I received a vintage brother machine from my 100 yr old grandma with no manual. Then, my 2-yr old twisted off the tension knob & parts to it, and I have been searching online furiously for help. I did contact Brother @— I now know that I had a “400” model and they were able to provide me with an owner’s manual via an email attachment. I would be glad to know how you made out with the search! Barb

  4. Melanie says

    Manuals can be found for this, just type in model and brand, I have a Brother Charger 651 but the one I have and all the ones I’ve seen are pink and brown?

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