Where to find a slant back faucet for a vintage bathroom sink

slant back sink

1953 Crane Neuday sink


Deabath.com’s replacement design

If you have a vintage slant back bathroom sink — and need a replacement slant back faucet — we know where you can get a replacement and/or help to repair the original. I was reminded that I’d never spotlighted this design when Deb wrote:

I have been looking for faucets to replace my 1930’s bathroom faucets for years. They are on slant back sinks. Thanks to your site I may have found what I’m looking for. By the way, my sink & toilet in my half bath are burgundy. They are in great shape too! Please let me know of other sites I should be looking at for the above mentioned faucets. Thanks!!

slant back faucet

1953 Crane slant back sink designs


1953 Crane slant back faucet design

This bathroom sink style — with a slant back faucet — seems to have been pretty common back in the day. More so, I tend to believe, before World War II — when deco design ruled, and when there was even more complexity in design. After the war, I tend to think that design “flattened out.” Even so, all the color images in this story come from my catalog of 1953 Crane bathroom fixtures — this catalog a wonderful compendium of vintage bathroom sinks, faucets, tubs and showers.  For about the first five years after WWII, lots of pre-war designs were carried over, while industries retooled from prewar designs to new, postwar designs. History lesson concludes: “Postwar” design is considered by many experts to span 1953-1963. In his seminal book Populuxe (Amazon affiliate link) Thomas Hine talks about all of this; as the title of the book indicated, he dubbed these the “Populuxe” years.

Back to bathroom fixtures in particular: Crane was one of the top brands — their fixtures are beautiful and have endured. If you have one, yes!, try to save it.

Where to buy a replacement slant back faucet for your vintage bathroom sink

Where to find these faucets? My #1 go-to site is the company deabath.com (Note: They are a longtime sponsor/advertiser on the blog – but this story is not part of the deal or anything. I would point to them regardless.) Deabath.com is an expert on vintage Crane fixtures. These slant back styles were common with Crane. There may be other brands that had them, too. Head over to the deabath site, to check out their replacement slant back faucet design. Moreover, they may be able to help you repair the one that you have.

Links to research and/or buy a slant back bathroom sink faucet:


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  1. Barbara says

    Are you a mindreader? I was looking at a vintage sink on craigslist that is selling with a slant back that looks like it needs replacing. I was wondering where to find one if I buy it…wow, really weird…

  2. Janet in CT says

    If you check the Steel Cabinet Forum, Other stuff/Bathroom Stuff, I posted a link to a pink Crane sink and toilet for sale if anyone needs one who lives in the Buffalo area. I do have a question about these sinks. This one for sale has the integrated faucet rather than chrome faucet. Is this an earlier model or were they both available at the same time? I love that look. This one has the four winged handles, or whatever they are called. At one time we rented a house while we were building our house, and the bathtub had terribly corroded crusty handles like this. My husband buffed and polished them out and they were just beautiful! The old stuff is really the best!

  3. says

    I have slant-back faucets in my house and before my Grandmother moved out we had to replace them. I did a lot of searching and found that only 2-3 manufacturers still make them. I ended up getting ones from Central Brass, you can find them online pretty easily. They make both a slant back and shelf back version – and they are much less expensive than the ones on the deabath site (like half the cost.) They look great, have a good chrome finish, and work perfectly.


    • Sam R says

      Something to note: only Union Brass lists 8″ center slant- and ledge-back faucets for sale, but Central Brass cells a replacement 8″ center tee for the 1177 (ledge-back) and 1178 (slant-back) faucets! The part number is CS-43009.

  4. jack loop says

    All your photos show Crane fixtures but when you go to the web site you recommended (deabath.com) they say their faucets don’t fit Crane. ???

  5. kate says

    Does anyone know where I can get replacement legs for this type of sink? I have two american standard wall mount sinks from 1948 that are missing the front support legs.

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