Amazing vintage refrigerator from GE that includes both wall and drawer fridges

vintage GE refrigeratorDo you think we 2000-somethings “invented” refrigerator drawers concealed in base cabinets? It appears not — because here is GE showcasing refrigerator drawers (update: okay, maybe they are freezer drawers, but big diff) that look like kitchen base cabinets… which they have combined with their Wall Refrigerator-Freezer and Cabinettes in this mother of all midcentury modern refrigerators units called, humbly, the GE Refrigeration Center. 

Love. Although, we don’t quite understand what’s holding it up, as readers have pointed out that the wall refrigerator-freezer weighs hundreds of pounds. I do not have a date for this piece of marketing — but the image is from my collection and is one of my boxes, so I’ll find it someday(ish) and add the year to this documentation. At minimum, it’s 1955. If anyone can identify one of these live in its original habitat, I will give you…a $100 Amazon gift certificate and Retro Renovation Fame, too! To win my leetle competition, though, YOU need to do the legwork to get the photo!

Want to see more of this amazing line of vintage GE kitchen appliances? Also see our story in the GE Wonder Kitchen.


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