4 sources for mid-century modern furniture legs

mid century tapered-legsTapered furniture legs — installed straight or at an angle — are one of the calling cards of mid-century modern furniture designs. Case goods, tables, chairs, sofas, footstools and more can all be made to feel a bit more sleek with these slender legs. Whether you are trying to repair a vintage dresser or need legs to build your own retro inspired furniture, we’ve found four sources for tapered furniture legs — in several styles, shapes and materials.

4 Sources for retro furniture legs


Wegner style from tablelegs.com.


McCobb style legs from tablelegs.com.

1. Tablelegs.com


Lasdun style from tablelegs.com.

Tablelegs.com has two different styles of mid century wooden legs  — the McCobb and Wegner — that are available in sizes from 4″ to 29″ in eight wood species, making them ideal for use as sofa legs, or for dressers and tables.

The company also offers a Lasdun mid-century wooden furniture leg in three thicknesses, which are scaled to fit sofas, smaller upholstered furniture and mid-sized case pieces. This series is available in three “visual hefts” so you can chose the right scale and size for your project.



Waddell table leg

2. Waddell Manufacturing Company — For a less expensive replacement leg Waddell Manufacturing Company has one style in sizes from 4″ – 28.” These legs come with metal ferrules/caster feet attached. I have seen both the Waddell wooden table legs and the McCobb legs from Tablelegs.com in person. I felt that the the Tablelegs.com legs were more “solid” — probably because the oak legs from Tablelegs.com were likely a more dense wood species than the Waddell legs — a quality which seems to be reflected in their higher price tag. I also tend to think the legs from Tablelegs.com without the casters look a little more high end.

These are available on Amazon:


Thirteencolonies table legs

3. Thirteencolonies Etsy Shop — I also found thirteencolonies, an Etsy shop that sells mid century style replacement sofa legs. The legs are available in several wood species and are hand made in the shop owner’s 1875 antique barn workshop in northern Vermont. Custom orders are welcomed — which is a wonderful option for those who are trying to find a perfect match to repair a vintage furniture piece.

metal-mid-century-style-furniture-legs4. Ferrous Hardware — For a non-traditonal mid-century furniture leg, Ferrous Hardware offers several completely metal mid century style tapered legs in finishes like polished chrome, brushed nickel and polished brass. Their legs come in heights from 3.5″ to 10″.


Furniture leg mounting plates available from tablelegs.com

A reminder: Most of these legs require mounting plates, which are attached to the underside of the furniture allowing the legs to be easily screwed into place. I found mounting plates at tablelegs.com that make it easy to attach the legs and are available in a straight or angled mount.

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  1. lynda says

    These would work with the Ikea kitchen cabinets that you may wish to use other places in the house. Ikea recommends that the 24″ deep cabinets be attached to the wall, but supported in the front. The 12″ wall cabinets can be used without legs. Anyway, if you have an older house with the baseboard heating, this might be a great way to have furniture storage in a room. Attach the cabinets above the heating and use the legs to support the cabinets. The legs that Ikea sell are not quite high enough to clear the baseboard heating. I did read that you should put drywall under the cabinet to protect it from heat.

    • Aidan says

      Oh, my god! I was just grumbling this morning about dealing with the heating elements in every room. I sat down to do some
      more DIY furniture sketches and designs, and I see this stroke of brilliance. Genius. I love you.

  2. Jay says

    I was in the hardware store last Sunday to buy some KV shelf brackets and further down the isle I noticed some unfinished legs with attached ferrules/caster (per your picture) in cello bags with stapled paper label folded across the top. How old is that stock? They were hanging so far up the wall I could not make out the mfr. name. It was probably Waddell.

  3. Robin, NV says

    My stereo console has square tapered legs, I wonder where I’d find something like that?

    I was also wondering how you attached angled legs – with angled brackets of course! Now I know. 🙂

  4. says

    I recently bought 8 legs from Thirteencolonies. There was another provider on Etsy but he was a bit slow to reply, and the legs didn’t look like they were finished as well.

    Thirteencolonies accepts custom orders. I was able to get 7″ legs (versus the 6″ and 8″ listed in the shop) done entirely in walnut (versus the “walnut colored stain” in the shop) and finished clear.

  5. Nathanael Kitchen says

    Really cool ladies. You two do some awesome research! The mounting plates seem like they could be added to anything.

  6. says

    Thank you!!! I was looking for angled mount tapered legs to replace on a dresser I’m refinishing as a changing table…this made my job so much easier!! Placing my order at tablelegs.com as soon as I check the measurements one more time. 🙂

  7. a.wilson says

    Thank you for this! (the product names, the links, etc).

    Was searching the net for replacement tapered legs or hardware for a couple of early/mid 60’s furniture type cabinets.. but didn’t know where to begin looking..

    Needed two front repro (or entire new) legs for a vintage TV console set.
    And another set for a record player cabinet that will need refinishing.

    Will keep these in mind!!

  8. Dan Klaue says

    Looking for metal barstool swivels that are 5.25 square and rubber tips and glides for tubular metal legs

  9. PJL says

    I got some round tapered legs for my IKEA Karlstad sofa from unclebobsworkshop.com. He has a variety of woods, finishes, shapes etc. My 5 1/2″ oak legs were $10 each. They turned out great. They can take a while though.

  10. says

    Furniture maker here. I make round tapered legs and cleats as well. Custom lengths and a variety of wood choices. These things go faster than I can make them.

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