349 photos of readers’ livings rooms

midcentury living roomUploader now closed. 349 photos — real people houses — lots of great ideas in here — THANK YOU, everyone for sharing your living rooms photos!

Our famous uploader has returned — and this time we want to see photos of your living rooms because hey — it has been a while since we last took a peek! So fluff up the sofa pillows, get out your cameras — review Kate’s 6 tips on taking good photos — and upload your best shots.  Above: This shot of reader PinkTrees living room from our last uploader shows off their well composed collection of vintage living room goodies.

Tips to view slide show: Click on first image… it will enlarge and you can also read folk’s captions… move forward or back via arrows below the photo… you can start or stop at any image:


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  1. Karin says

    These are some of the happiest living spaces I have ever seen. So much joy here. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I just love the chartreuse and aqua in Lori T’s living room. Would I be able to find out the color names and manufacturers. Such a beautiful combination!

    • Lori Tevis says

      Hi there Karin, Thanks so much for the compliment on my paint scheme. I’d be happy to share the paint info. The aqua color is from Sherwin Williams Suburban Modern collection: Holiday Turquoise – SW 0075. And I managed to match as closely as I could the Chartreuse color in my vintage drapes with Martha Stewart’s Living collection – Sultana MSL 101. I bought the Sultana paint at Home Depot. I hope this helps and have a wonderful MCM day. Lori T.

  2. Marcia says

    I love seeing these rooms. Still working on mine.

    @Lakewood Ohio – is that orange chair a Paoli Rocker? I recently acquired a similar chair that needs new legs – would you please tell me the length of your chair’s legs?

  3. says

    Wonderful rooms, talented owners!

    A special thanks to those of you that added comments about their photos- its really helpful when you see a furniture piece or other focal point described.

    Super cool, also, to see “ordinary” people’s MCMs; much as I love oohing and ahhing over the really amazing high-end architect designed homes with a million bucks worth of furnishings, I’m more inspired by what others have achieved with more modest houses and budgets more like mine!

  4. Stephanie says

    So many wonderful living rooms, thanks everyone for sharing!

    Saw this in the NYTimes today, and made me think of these living rooms. The last quote is especially meaningful – “What sets this house apart is the fact that I’ve concentrated everything I love in it without thinking about making something for the others.” Such a true statement for this uploader.


  5. Angie Garcia-Johnson says

    Love your newsletter and have used you for ideas for our newly purchased 1957 custom built ranch in Belleville, MI. I submitted uploader images of our LR and DR, unfurnished, but shows the awesome design of the house…soon to be decorated! Just took out old carpet, laid down oak floors, cleaned and shortened orig silk pink pinch pleat drapes w sheers and valance and removed 5 layers of wallpaper to find orig light pink and tan color painted walls. Just getting started!!

  6. Julie says

    Gorgeous rooms! Becky from Iowa, you have those Mad Men hanging lamps I always lusted after! LOVE that entire space, including the peek into the kitchen.

    • Becky from Iowa says

      They are my prized possessions. A friend who runs a vintage shop out in the sticks—but did NOT watch Mad Men at the time–posted them for sale literally ONE WEEK after Don’s new apartment premiered. I nearly had a heart attack before getting hold of her to buy them. LOL. Thank you about the kitchen. I had to wait 12 years for those floors and they do my heart good.

  7. says

    This is so awesome Pam! Loved the post and rooms, so much of wonderful vibe and energy in this space. Looking forward to further improving my living space. Thanks for inspiring.

  8. Heather D. says

    Love it. Inspirational! My 1960 ranch is a mix of mid-century and, well, kid stuff. KIDS. Hard to go fully retro with kids. I’m guessing that a lot of photo takers do not have them…or have fantastical ways of hiding their stuff!

    • Ali says

      I have kids, but they aren’t babies anymore, and I don’t let them play in my living room. The rooms they use are not as vintage.

  9. Linda says

    I so enjoyed looking through these pictures! Totally a fan of all!!! I thank everybody for sharing and I am so grateful for this wonderful we sight! Keep doing what you’re are doing as you girls are phenomenal! Many ((hugs))!

  10. Lori Tevis says

    I just want to thank everyone for inviting me into their beautiful living rooms. It was such an honor. And so many neat and interesting designs and ideas. That’s what makes Pam and Kate’s website the best because they encourage us all to do our own thing, safely of course. Thanks Pam and Kate for all you do in giving us so much wonderful info and for having a website that encourages such a positive community of MCM folks. You’re the best! Lori T.

  11. Kristy H. says

    Wow, wow, wow! I love SO MANY rooms!

    A few special mentions: I love the 1957 light up starburst – that is so cool and I personally have never seen one like it!

    Also the china cabinet with the yellow flowered dishes with the yellow flower painting next to it is so much fun! So cheerful. Yellow doesn’t seem to get the appreciation it deserves yet.

    The sofa in the 1956 Minneapolis Rambler (Nick and Amy Larsen)- just about the coolest thing ever and cute little doggie too!

  12. Julie says

    I keep coming back for the new ones. Labors of love, for sure. The absolute stunners for me are Joe and Brian’s, April’s, and Christy’s Wow, wow, wow, you guys. Fantastic.

  13. April says

    I keep coming back to make sure I haven’t missed anything! So many lovely rooms with so much inspiration. Thanks everyone for posting, and thanks Pam and Kate!!!

  14. maria says

    This is like a walk through my childhood. I see so many things that were in my parents or friend’s parents homes.

    Interest all are MCM though. Thought we might see some other eras.

  15. Sarah V says

    Love seeing other people’s spaces. Such a great surprise to see those 2 red Milo Baughman 989’s in one livingroom as I have one in orange 🙂

    • ineffablespace says

      I think you are referring to my living room. I have that pair of the pull-up size, one was originally orange plush fake fur, and the other was recovered in a traditional late 1980s fabric, and I have one in the larger lounge chair size that I was so happy to find in a matching orange fake fur that I bought it on eBay not realizing it was a different size.

      The sofa is Brickell, I believe, 1970; the stools are Paul Mccobb; the lamps are Mauricio Tempestini through Laurel Lamp Co; the dining chairs are Nakashima through Knoll; the Chinese Chippendale chair is 1970s, part of a set that was hand painted by a decorator in LA. So a lot of the furniture is on the late side of Modernism. There are 6 dozen + modernist candlesticks on the chest-on-stretcher

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