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    Can you believe it: I have done 93 stories about pink bathrooms. Mamie would be proud.


    Jodi saves her 1949 maroon and pink bathroom with amazing vintage tile


    Love the shirt you’re in — our shirt shop is open again!


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    The pink bathroom at the Wilson House, Temple, Texas


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    Mary Elizabeth’s year-long, little-by-little 1959 pink bathroom ...


    Shambie’s 1964 pink tiled-in bathtub

    Amber and Caroline with Amber's long awaited pink potty at Gateway Supply.

    Amber’s pink toilet trafficking

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    Toilets & sinks in 10 retro colors from Gerber

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    Marsha saves her peach tile bathroom with help from B&W Tile


    Robert’s pink and black bathroom makeover


    Decorating a bathroom with tile on all six walls — yes, ceiling,...

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    Bradbury Atomic Age wallpaper makes these two 1950s pink bathrooms eve...

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    A color scheme for a pink, maroon and white bathroom

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    Fold-down electric burners and other treats in Bonnie’s 1958 kit...

    RetroCountypinkbath1 (1)

    A “Country Retro” pink bathroom design for Megan

    Shame on you, Lowes


    From French Provincial to Retro Modern: Mike and Lindsey’s pink ...

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    Save the Pink Bathroom love letter

    Does the color pink really even exist? *Brain explodes* at controversy

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    A Mamie pink bathroom for Sims 3 – midcentury classique for the ...

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    Retro Renovation’s “The Hard Way Award” winner 2011:...

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    1930s pink bathrooms — Leo Carrillo Ranch, Carlsbad, Calif.


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    95 colors of pink tile for bathroom repairs and replacement

    95 colors of vintage pink tile — limited quantities, for replace...

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    A knotty pine pink bathroom — channeling Marilyn Monroe

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    A Mamie pink bathroom for Jamie


    Aerosmith: Pink


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    Sledgehammer this! More pink bathroom love from the newspaper world

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    “Save the Pink Bathrooms” in the national spotlight

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    We hear from Nora following her pink kitchen and pink bathroom fame

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    Nora’s time capsule house