Lynn’s pink poodle bathroom — including genius use of wallpaper fragments

Lynn wanted a midcentury home, but her destiny was a new build. She still wanted a Mamie pink bathroom — so she made one of her own from scratch — with sassy pink poodles as her muse. And: I think her design idea for making use of precious wallpaper fragments is genius!

Lynn writes:

Hi Pam,

I would love to let you show my bathroom. I have been following you for 5 or 6 years. And you inspired me to midcenturyize our new-build home. I got so much help from your blog; I don’t think I could have done it without you!

I wanted a mid century home but we ended up buying a new build that looks like a turn of the century Florida home. I did not want to give up my mid century furniture so we decided it could be an old home in the 60’s that would have been updated over time.

I used your website to find tile, cabinet hardware, lighting, pink toilet and sink, and so many 0ther things. I spent months online looking for sources and ordering things. As a result, I have my pink poodle half bath and a blue Big Chill kitchen. Some rooms are a work in progress. Next I need to get rid of much of the off white paint and add more mid century color.

I forgot about the wall paper panels. I found the vintage poodle paper but there was not enough to do anything with 10-ft. high ceilings, so I put it in panels on each wall. 

Thank you for your interest in my pink bathroom. It is a very happy room!

Thank you, Lynn! This makes me so very happy!

How to get the look: 

  1. Kristin says:

    I love this bathroom for many reasons, but mostly because I have been wondering how to decorate my 1952 bathroom (that sadly has no wall tile, like in most of the vintage & time capsule examples I’ve seen, plus just a plain white bathtub/sink/toilet). This gives me great ideas for how to use paint & molding creatively.

    Now: how to convince DH that we need a Mamie Pink bathroom… 🙂

  2. Cissy Foster says:

    The Poodle wallpaper panels are ingenious!! Excellent use and showcase of a limited product! Hope you end up showing us the rest of your home as you progress throughout it.

  3. Lynne Shelton says:

    We are in the process of making our basement a tiki lounge and the bathroom will be Mamie Eisenhour pink, complete with poodles and a framed photo of Mamie, herself! Love her bathroom and fantastic use of vintage wallpaper!

  4. Evan Degenfelder says:

    I totally love this bathroom. The fact that I love poodles and had a standard poodle (until he passed away a few years ago) make this room really special for me. Ginchy!

  5. Debbie Peterson Jenson says:

    I love it so much~ I have a Labradoodle and a miniature Poodle and we do have a vintage poodle guest room in our basement! Awesome bathroom!

  6. Tracy Elmore says:

    Absolutely love this, and you are inspiring me to really and truly midcenturyize my 90’s home.

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