Is this Saul Bass Pomona tile in Cody’s 1964 bathroom?

1964 cinderella bath tub pink with gray pomona tileToday, a delicious 1964 bathroom with a mystery. Cody knows that his 1964 bathroom is something special — it has a Cinderella bath tub and an original pink sink surrounded by Formica Skylark laminate. But my eye went right to that sculptural gray trim tile at the top of the tub surround. Could that be Saul Bass for Pomona Tile’s Distinguished Designer Series? At minimum, it seems to be “in the style of.” 

Formica Skylark boomerang laminate on a bathroom counter with a pink sinkCody wrote me this weekend:

Hi there, 

Just thought I would share a pic of my master bathroom in my mid-century home, featuring a pink Cinderella tub, matching sink, and boomerang pattern Formica counter. These fixtures and countertop are original to the home, built in 1964. I really enjoy your site and I hope you will share this photo for others to enjoy as well! 


pomona dimensional tile by saul bass possiblyLovely! I told Cody that the sculptured trim tile around the Cinderella bath tub might be Pomona Tile by Saul Bass. I don’t see it exactly anywhere online, but it surely is reminiscent. Cody says there is dimensional tile in a “birdwing” design on his kitchen backsplash as well!

This isn’t an epic story. But this surely is an epic bathroom. Many thanks for sharing, Cody!

  1. Misty says:

    I think this is my favorite pink bathroom ever – at the very least, in top 3. I am so envious! Love it!

  2. Greg McKinney says:

    I have the exact same beige tile, both flat and sculpted in my apartment bathroom from 1965! I have it in white in the kitchen too. Saul Bass was a movie titling designer from the 60s-70s, I never knew he did tile too.

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