George Nelson bubble lamps and a cool retro kitchen

Mom says I’ve been doing too many bathroom sink posts lately, so it’s back to kitchens and other cool parts of the house! This kitchen is pretty wild – and I’ll do a flashback on it sometime soon – but what I really want to point out is the great George Nelson “bubble lamp” to the right, in the dining area. These are very classic mid century stylisaucer-hanging-smaller.jpgng, useful in a number of rooms.

The original George Nelson bubble lamps were designed in 1947 and manufactured by Herman Miller from the 1950s through 1979. Now, Modernica is manufacturing them again – to original specifications and using the original Herman Miller tooling. So cool! There are numerous designs to choose from…although I find the website cumbersome, just an online catalog. Get with it, modernica!

Go to modernica.net for a nice selection of these high quality, historically accurate reproductions.

  1. melanie says:

    I have the original shade to this bubble lamp but the fixture was lost “by others” any recommendations for a fixture replacement?

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